Please post about your dogs on this discussion. Definitely post pics... but also post stories, breeds, what your dog's name is, and any of the wacky things they do! lol

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Our dog, Brady, LOVES mashed potatoes! When I get out the electric mixer to whip them up, she comes running with a big smile on her face and watches me intently while I prepare them. Makes me laugh every time.

The first picture is one when she was a puppy. I love the expression on her face...she looks like she's just done something wrong, which she probably did. She was an absolute terror in her older puppy/adolescent phase. She is very intelligent and was housetrained within a few weeks and learned basic commands extremely quickly. She's also stubborn and independent and needed a lot of training and positive reinforcement. She is now almost four and is an absolutely WONDERFUL dog. Patience is a virtue! :) The second picture is from last month's snow here in VA. She loves cold weather and playing in the snow.

We adopted her from the Humane Society when she was just 7 weeks old. Her mother was a snow white Great Pyrenees and the father they believe was "some kind of shepherd!" Brady's mother was taken in by a Pyrenees rescue group in VA who named her Cotton. They think she was barely a year old when she was impregnated (with a litter of 8!). Apparently the owners were upset that the pups would not be purebred so they abandoned Cotton and dumped her at a shelter. She was later taken in by the rescue group.

It's funny because when I take Brady for a walk (she's a girl, by the way...I know, strange name for a girl dog but our last female dog was named, "Dave," so go figure!), people always come up and ask what she is. We've had people say she looks like she's part German Shepherd, part St. Bernard, part Bernese Mountain Dog. Our vet even expressed interest in having her DNA tested! I really don't care what she is...she's a mix and a wonderful one at that!

P.S. Brady's mom, Cotton, and all of her siblings got adopted too, so happy ending! :)
Is Brady a Leon Burger Mix? As a pup she really looked like one.
That's so funny you say that! When she was in CGC class one of the trainers said that she looked like a Leonberger. I had never heard of that so he showed me a picture and, I agree, she does show a resemblance! Maybe that's what her dad was...or part one anyway!

Here's her first "baby" picture the day we adopted her.

Love the "dogs in snow" pictures! You can tell they really enjoy it. I love to watch Brady play in the snow. She jumps and twists in the air, runs in circles, etc. Very funny :)
Bought a DSLR this year. Aren't they the best for dog action pics.
This is Snoopy, he was a purebred Mutt. :) He loved drinking water straight from the faucet (would not drink from a bowl, lol) and the laundry room was his room. Whenever he'd get upset, he'd slam the door shut!

He passed away in 2000... Fast forward to June 2008, we finally adopt another dog from our local SPCA. Apparently they had litter of 5 sharpei puppies, and since we'd been so patient, we had first pick. And this is what my sister picked:

A little, wrinkly 10lb, 8-week old cutie named Torpedo (by the SPCA staff). Obviously, he didn't stay small for long...

He is hilarious. Sometimes he goes under the coffee table and starts growling and makes strange sounds, for no reason! LOL. He loves to play with his treats before he eats them and sometimes buries them in his blanket to save for later. And he loves to chase squirrels in the backyard, play in the snow (he gets hyper!), and of course beg for attention and food. :)

Now he is a 75lb spoiled dog! For a sharpei he is quite social; he loves getting attention from people. He also considers himself a guard dog, alerting us to anything that moves outside, lol... Right now he's still curled up on the couch getting his beauty rest. ;)
Oh he certainly does! Right now he is ready to play! Such an energetic dog. He certainly amuses us. :)

I have some adorable videos of him on Youtube. Just look up my username (princessjava42) or "Torpedo sharpei" lol
There's some crazy ones on there! I love looking at the other sharpei videos. Soooo cute and wrinkly! :)
This is Bizz, our one-year-old black pug. After researching various breeds that would work for our specific situation, we settled upon a pug. We did buy him from a local "backyard" breeder as we were unable to find any pug puppies at the pug rescue leagues in either Dallas or Austin. Because my boyfriend is disabled and spends the day at home while I am at work or school, it was imperative that we get an incredibly lazy dog who would be perfectly content to sit around all day with him. At first, an English bulldog seemed to fit the bill, but after more research I discovered that the breed is plagued by numerous health problems (as well as an exorbitant price tag for puppies). Plus, a bulldog is too large to jump up on my boyfriend's lap (he is in a wheelchair).

In the end, we could not have chosen a better dog. Even at only a year old, Bizz is already one of the laziest dogs that I have ever seen and is perfectly content to sleep at my boyfriend's side all day. Because he is small (twenty pounds), he is also easily tired by a few tosses of a tennis ball in the house. My only complaint is that he is not a good hiking partner for me; someday when we have a place with a yard, we will get a larger dog from a local shelter.

My attempt at hiking with Bizz (he was happier to sit in the flowers, lol):

Yeah, he's not really trained:

And here is Bizz in his favorite spot, on my boyfriend's lap; we call him the "hood ornament" ;) :

Dogs can provide such wonderful companionship. It's so nice that you found a dog that seems to be a perfect fit for your family :)
Thanks, he really has been a perfect addition. :) You cannot help but laugh in the presence of a pug.


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