Wow.  Just wow.

My favorite lines: "Blind faith is faith without evidence, which would be superstition. The Bible does not call us to blind faith. The Bible calls us to faith in evidence. We submit that various truth claims, including Christianity, should be evaluated on the evidence."
"The skeptic cannot provide a satisfactory explanation for the "why" of the most basic
"laws," the very criteria he wants to impose. He has to admit that
either he made them up or that he accepts them on the authority of
other finite creatures
"We are suggesting the bold claim that the unbeliever has nothing to stand on. When the unbeliever uses logic against Christianity, he implicitly acknowledges a God who grants us logic!"
And finally. . .
"Christianity provides the only satisfactory explanation for this data."

I'll say it again.

BULL CRAP!!!!!!!!!

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Christianity. Islam. It's all just a different color of stupid. I don't mind that they wouldn't know truth if it came up and slapped the both of them in the nuts. What I can't stand is monotheism's inherent egotism and insistence that everybody follow their own brand of poison or suffer the consequences. What I can't stand are sources like the above that insist we're just blind little ants and can't distill evidence for truth for ourselves and need some kind of fictional sky being to guide us. And the idea that an atheist implicitly acknowledges the existence of a God just by using logic because the only source of logic is God is just abhorrent.

hopefully He will show mercy Hopefully?! I want to chart my own course in the universe, and I wouldn't trust God with my fate any further than I can throw the big schmuck. News flash. Blind obedience is NOT a virtue. I did a google search of a question "if God asked you to kill somebody", I was surprised at seeing a substantial minority saying they actually would!
Mario, you say that you can't stand monotheism's inherent egotism and insistence that everybody follow their own brand of poison. Isn't this just because you think they are wrong. Isn't it just as inherently egotistic to insist that you are right and they are wrong?
People make truth assertions that other people disagree all the time. The fact you reject their assertion does not make it egotistical for them to make that assertion.
As I read the article cited above, Faith Facts are asserting that their Christian faith is based on evidence that they find convincing. You could argue with them about whether the evidence they see actually shows what they think it shows, but to call them egotistical (especially without commenting on the evidence they rely on) is simply not a logical argument. It might be an amusing rhetorical device, but it is not a logical argument against their belief.
Monotheism isn't egotistical for denying straight facts and believing what they believe. The danger of monotheism lies in the doctrine of hell. It's the "Choose us or else!" belief. It's the idea that humans are a group of pathetically flawed little worms that can't do anything for themselves so we should just place ourselves with God. If you browse the faithfacts website and come across the Christianity vs section, you might see some kind of nonsense reasoning about jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 ft. Apparently Christianity is the only option that's equivalent to having a parachute. If you were born in a predominantly Hindu location, odds are great you would grow up to follow Hinduism, but these people really do believe you have a choice in the matter. It's the same "God doesn't WANT you to suffer, BUT. . ." nonsense all over again. They really do think a loving god will send people to hell for choosing a different religion or NO religion at all. I reject all religions, but many new age religions and polytheistic religions really couldn't give a damn about apostasy or other people's beliefs. It's the Abrahamic religions that are the problem.
At any rate, most scientists and atheists don't claim they're "right". Only religious people tend to do that. We just know what ISN'T right and scientists make "generally accepted" assertions, such as a heliocentric, round earth solar system. :D
I think the article is talking about the laws of science and skepticism's use of logic. Since we're such "finite" creatures, according to them, scientists are just blindly dealing with things they know nothing about, but of course logic comes from God and The Bible is the inerrant truth. *rolls eyes*

"that he accepts them on the authority of
other finite creatures."

Oh you mean like the garbage people accept from the priests, a "finite" creature? Somebody should tell these people only religion works this way, NOT science.


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