A few months ago when my book was in beta I offered the fine folks on this site a first look. Several of you took me up on that, and now that it's live I want to offer another gift. If you download the book in any format from the Smashwords site, you can use coupon code NB54N for a 25% discount. (Coupon expires on April 17, 2014.)

The book is designed for you to give to your religious family and friends to help them better understand how a person might come to atheism. My contact info is in the back of the book. I'd love to hear your experiences after the fact. Here's the link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/416465

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David ... first congratulations. As a poor student I'll get the library to order one ASAP. That's some very good cover design work. Can I ask you who you consulted?

I was actually designing my own cover and consulting with the fine folks at kboards writer's cafe. Then out of nowhere a pro came into the thread and tweaked what I had. She's a lovely young woman who works under the name Yocla Designs. I bought he design from her on the spot.

Yeah...I can promise you it's worth it. And it was well done. I hope your book's a success.

That's a great idea!

Looks interesting.  Even though I am not close enough to anyone who is not an atheist to feel the need to explain myself to them, I might just pick up a copy.

A side note:  I am somewhat hard of hearing, and the audio on the "video trailer" has so much reverb in it I couldn't understand half of what the narrator was saying; it sounded like a garbled voice more often than not.

If you get a copy, be sure to let me know what you think. Sorry you had trouble hearing the trailer, but the narration is just the blurb.

Congratulations Dave. Any read that provides insight for those struggling to understand the atheist position is a winner!

Congratulations ! 

Congrats.  Anyone who can see a book through from idea to publication has done a great thing.  Love to read a copy, but it's the weekend between paydays and I'm broke. 

Congratulations, Dave. The book looks great.


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