On December 24th my cousin passed away from a massive heart attack at 42 years old.  We both worked at the same printing facility for many years.  John was loved by everyone. He was the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back.  He always had a smile on his face and would always bring people up when they were down.  Here's my question for theists.  John was a member of the Roman Catholic Church even though he never attended mass, well at least since he was very young. His parents were members so he was too.  Since he died so suddenly and never confessed his sins does that mean his soul is forever burning in hell for sins he never confessed? 

Remember that this is a guy who no doubt commited some sins, by christian standards, throughout his life but was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet or hope to have for a friend.  So christians, by your rules, your god sent the soul of an incredible caring person to hell to suffer for all eternity because he committed some sins and never had the chance to confess them? 

This is my argument against the existence of a god.  He willingly sends the soul of someone like John to hell but on the other hand he would let the soul of a murderer, who repents and accepts christ on his death bed, to heaven.  Even though I know that heaven and hell are man made inventions I would like to hear believers arguments for justifying god torturing someones soul.  

They call us atheists immoral but they are the ones who get their kids to believe in their fairy tale by scaring the shit out of them telling them their souls will burn in hell if they dont believe.

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I agree that there arent many theists on this site. Was just giving my thoughts on a topic I would like to confront a theist about their loving caring god. I also agree this is more along the lines of proving their god a evil being. The whole concept of religion just pisses me off. My fiance sends her 4yr old daughter to this group thing at a local church that makes them memorize bible verses. I usually have to bite my tongue but a few times ive spoken out how I disagree with the whole thing. Im so sick of hearing her mom read to her how much god loves her. Maybe I will have to post another discussion on here about this topic

I can say a few general types of responses you would get based on my own conversations. I'm not overly impressed by any of them.

  1. They will say God isn't really sending your cousing to Hell. Rather, he chose to go to Hell.
  2. Catholics may fall back on purgatory. I'm not familiar with their doctrine on that point.
  3. They may downplay Hell as eternal separation from God, rather than torture.
  4. Or, my personal favorite, since God is an infinite being, any wrong done to him is worthy of infinite punishment. (yeah, I don't know what that means either)


I suppose these are typical christian answers but are all ridiculous. Being an ex-catholic Im fully aware of the "myth" of purgatory. Its amazes me that people believe you go to a place when you commit lesser sins. They say you can hear everyone in heaven like they are on the other side of a door but you cannot feel gods love. I wish the catholic church would just admit they made this up but that wont happen. And the idea that any wrong done to him is worty of infinite punishment is bullshit. In the old testament if you so much as pick up a stick on the sabbath you should be killed. Is there any pleasing this monster?
Michael Gage: Yes, generally in Catholisicm unconfessed minor sins mean purgatory -> heaven eventually.

Tis true. Most Christians believe that nonsense. I had a best friend from the age of 16 to the age of 35. We ended our friendship because she got religion and told me that my interests were "of the devil" because I was dabbling in new age belief systems at the time. 

A couple weeks ago, on her Facebook she put a post that said "Good people don't go to heaven, only saved people go to heaven."

It sounds like your friend is seriously brainwashed. I dont understand how women can be believers anyways considering how the bible treats them. The early church fathers pretty much compared women to shit. Even Martin Luther said if women die during childbirth so be it...thats what they are there for. Paul makes it obvious in his epistles he isnt fond of women but since most christians never read the bible they will never know it.

I feel sorry for your friend- this is the type of religious nonsense/propaganda that truly does harden hearts and enslave minds.


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