Unfortunately my eyesight no longer is 20/20 but with advances in laser eye surgery and possible genetic or stem cell treatments my vision (which is still very good) might be back to 20/20 in 2020.

I suggested that to someone recently who informed me that the only prophecies worth talking about were to found in a book called the Bible. I did not want to get into a debate about how it foretold the Fall of Jerusalem or the coming of the Messiah so I suggested we make one or two written predictions each and revisit them in 6 years’ time.

He suggested that many “people like me” will lose our faith in Atheism and turn to God as the world will grow more and more violent as wars and famines (he forgot pestilence) continue to spread.

I suggested that more and more people will lose their faith in gods because of better education, greater access to information (Internet) and that humanity would be all the better off for it.

I know six years is not long and it will be difficult to measure but it will be interesting to see who is more correct…..assuming I can still see then :-).

So what one vision do you have or what prophecy would you make for the year 2020?

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3D printing will become commonplace. Lose you iPhone19’s cover? Then just download a “recipe” and print a new one, in an color you want, just as they will do on the International Space Station for small items.

The dictatorship in North Korea will have fallen because of a “peoples revolution” similar to those in Eastern Europe 25 years ago. It will be brought about by removing the brainwashing of the population through smuggled information and access to the Internet via phones. The fire has already started.

First Gay and/or Atheist President.

True universal healthcare in the US.

Either incorporate the middle east into the US or gtfo. lol

I'd say the gay president is far likelier than the atheist one... unless you mean closeted (I doubt you do).  I am of the suspicion that Lincoln was secretly a non-believer, so we've already had a closet atheist.  Who knows about sexual orientation? 

Anyhow, I can't imagine an open atheist winning any time in the next thirty years; not enough Xians of the "atheists can't be good citizens" stripe will have died off before then, and 30% unbeliever numbers in the 20-something crowd can't reverse that, because that's still 70% believer.  (But by all means, though, prove me wrong!)

As for the middle east, who the fuck wants it in its current state?  (I say this with no disrespect whatsoever to those there who are working to change it--go Egyptian Atheists!)  We don't even need their oil any more, courtesy of frac'ing.

Considering Fracking is poisonious and could upset fault lines, I think green is still the way to go. New technologies rise up all the time that make a combination of small power sources more efficient and economical than one big one.

As for Atheist President, don't count those chickens just yet. No one would have believed a black man could be President back in 2000, so I would say that Atheist wouldn't be too inconceivable. Especially if his/her Atheism wasn't even part of his platform, as it shouldn't be. I would commit voter fraud if someone were to run on a platform devoid of religion, and lust for power or money, but instead with a clear, honest, and well reasoned plan for addressing our shortcomings, and expanding our horizons through peaceful means.

What about a woman? I don't see Hillary pulling it off.

I find it cute that they focus so much on microchips when pretty much all current technology fits the bill. Try to do anything without a Passport or any other ID, one can be tracked using cellphones, internet, cameras, credit cards but these things fly over their heads and deny it when presented to them.

I'm too paranoid to support the gps idea, but it would be cool to be able to pass the checkout counter all together and simply pay for my groceries by walking through the archway at the door.

1) Jesus is not coming back.

2) Whether God exists or not will still not matter to science, as it continues to expand our knowledge of the universe and life. As a result, fundamentalists will increasingly perceive science as a threat to their supposedly divine (i.e. man-made) revelations and dogmas.

3) Replacement body organs will become more availble and affordable. More cancers and other diseases will be diagnosed earlier, and more effectively treated.

4) Social networking will bring more and more good people together, and bad people together, for better and for worse.

5) Medical tourism will flourish, as different countries specialize in and make more affordable specific kinds of surgery and other treatments. Some of it will even be covered by the tourist's homeland medical insurance. Asian countries will excel at this, even if they have to buy western technology for it.

6) More and more fossils and genetic links will be discovered that fill in the details of evolution. This science (and ancillary mathematical/computer modeling) will also contribute to our knowledge of life and medicine.

7) No one's going to Mars (safely) until we solve more problems on Earth.

8) We may finally detect evidence of other, intelligent life, at remote distances. Fundamentalists, eschatologists, and other whackos will go on crazy sprees or claim their scripture clearly predicted it.

Having visited with a few churches/fellowships locally, it appears that the members are getting older and older, with few young folks joining. This seems to hold true for the Quakers and Lutherians.

I propose that over the next 20-30 years:

a) A few churches will fold/'go-out-of-business' within the next 6-10 years, mostly because of poor showing at the donation plate.

b) More liberal fellowships/churches will either take up the slack, or hold steady.

c) Conservative fellowships/churches will slowly lose members, with a deep retrenchment into more extreame positions till they are considered 'nutty as hatters'. At this point to 'great sucking sound' will intensify. (I might expect a few mass suicides..;p(.) The noise generated by these operations will get louder, but fewer people will be listening.

d) Global Warming will become more obvious, and we will all be focused upon survival, and not care a lick about 'god's plan'...


I wish I could be positive about this...but I think climate change is going to make for a lot of misery, pain, and death. I think there will be a lot of war and violence as people struggle to control scarce resources.

I think a gay president is more likely than an atheist one.

A few predictions for 2014 – 2020…

  1. There will be another economic contraction along the lines of 2008, which will further erode the middle class and expand the wealth gap.
  2. The BRICS countries will increase their number of peripheral members, and continue to push trade out of the dollar into a basket of currencies, thus creating more pressure on the US economy.
  3. Climate change will worsen incrementally, and we will find that we are in for long-term problems in that area.
  4. Whoever is elected US president will be another shill for the big-money interests that support his/her campaigns and political party, and his/her gender, sexuality, religious affiliation etc. will have zero effect on policy.
  5. Sunrises will still be beautiful, and time with loved ones will still be the most valuable time spent.


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