First of all happy valentine's day.

Lets go straight to the point, i watched a video today showing a muslim clerics warning the muslim youth of the dangers of the valentine .. he said and i quote "it's a virus, it's more dangerous than ebola and cholera."

Just try to ignore the fact that cholera is a bacteria and not a virus .. why would spreading love and happiness be that dangerous?

Why would a cleric spread such a message?

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Just chill out, you need a 1960s and stop ratcheting up the tension

It seems that he's trying to strengthen his "group" - the Moslem world, or his part of it - by increasing in-group cohesion.  In two ways: enforcing the rules more strongly, and by contrasting with the other group more strongly.  OK.  But is this really the right way to do it - by crushing the happiness out of the young people?  A big fat NO. 

Hey Hazem Shuman, suck on this 


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