The news got a little overshadowed but Egypt has voted and a small majority of Egyptians voted for a Sharia based constitution. A sad turning point in the history of this country.

The fundamentalist Muslims in this country will no doubt feel emboldened by this and will undertake action to further cement their foothold in this country.

Will Egypt's monumental history undergo the same fate as so many countries under the rule of fundamentalist Muslims? Will its history be utterly destroyed like the statues in Afghanistan and the tombs is Mali?

Dr. Zahi Hawass has long left Egypt and appears to now be living in Italy and has remained quiet since January 2012. Who will protect Egypt's heritage now?

Aside from the history, and this has been already been taking place, is that other religions will face mounting difficulties trying to co-exist in Egypt. I doubt if it has ever been acceptable to even be atheist in Egypt.

It may take them a bit more time but I see Egypt turn in to a state much the like of Iran and Pakistan in the foreseeable future.

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To me it looks like that it is just that what it will become. It is fashionable to be more extreme fundamentalist religious, and I'm not just talking the Middle East either.

Another dark age perhaps?

I don't believe our species can survive another dark age . One can only hope the repressed religiod fanatics of ALL stripes ,will be stopped in their tracks by the forces of reason and enlightenment . I fear , however that reason and enlightenment are rare earth elements .

Funny you should mention that, as one of the rare earth elements is named after Prometheus.

(And also some of them aren't particularly rare, but that's another issue.)

I'm more concerned about the collapse of my own economy the Egypt's.

It's their country not mine they can run it however they want to, maybe now our leaders (I say that with a smirk) will quit sending them hundreds of Millions to Billions of dollars a year.

If they want to tear down the Great Pyramid and use the stones to build a mosque, more power to them, we got our own problems on this side of the water.

The repression of people anywhere in the world is something all democratic societies should show concern for. While I have no problem seeing a curtailment of American investment monies overseas in countries that have basic philosophical disagreements with our own form of government (ie Egypt and Sharia Law) I believe there remains a humanistic concern for the welfare of peoples across the entire globe. Our own problems are a priority but I could not become indifferent to the plight of others less fortunate.

If they do not separate church and state they have no hope in hell.

Some people (Naomi Klein for one) are saying the problem in Egypt is not religion but neo-liberalism. As if religion is some trivial thing. Sometimes it seems some liberals are incapable of criticizing religion for whatever reason. 

one doesn't simply criticize islamists without being labeled as an infidel .. and we all know what happens to infidels in islam :) 


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