The news got a little overshadowed but Egypt has voted and a small majority of Egyptians voted for a Sharia based constitution. A sad turning point in the history of this country.

The fundamentalist Muslims in this country will no doubt feel emboldened by this and will undertake action to further cement their foothold in this country.

Will Egypt's monumental history undergo the same fate as so many countries under the rule of fundamentalist Muslims? Will its history be utterly destroyed like the statues in Afghanistan and the tombs is Mali?

Dr. Zahi Hawass has long left Egypt and appears to now be living in Italy and has remained quiet since January 2012. Who will protect Egypt's heritage now?

Aside from the history, and this has been already been taking place, is that other religions will face mounting difficulties trying to co-exist in Egypt. I doubt if it has ever been acceptable to even be atheist in Egypt.

It may take them a bit more time but I see Egypt turn in to a state much the like of Iran and Pakistan in the foreseeable future.

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it's sad ... people are being manipulated and the majority don't know what sharia laws mean despite they are muslims ... they vote blindly for it seeking stability as our economy is falling apart.

Egypt is about to be declared as a failed state unfortunately.

Sharia law would be the worse thing for the economy, if they enforce it. It is so ironic that democracy can allows itself to effectively be voted out.

//Sharia law would be the worse thing for the economy//

No, It's never been a threat to economy.. Who said that?..

It's just a major threat to human rights freedom and liberty! Terrible!

Take Saudi Arabia as an example..

I was thinking in terms of foreign investment and a climate of political uncertainty. Business hates uncertainty, and a new government would add that to the mix.

And also tourism is very important to Egypt's economy, I wanted to have a second visit, but I would probably skip it if the elections go badly for secularism. There are many more comfortable options for people to spend their money and holiday time.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Egypt's economy. More than 12.8 million tourists visited Egypt in 2008, providing revenues of nearly $11 billion. The sector employs about 12 percent of Egypt's workforce.

The economic effects may be relatively short-lived, if the new rulers adopt good economic policies. I do not agree Saudi is a fair comparison based on their natural resources.

Aha! Now I understand, thanks for clarifying that point..

Almost funny is that some Egyptians think that Morsi isn't even strict enough yet and that the country should have an even more strict leadership. Morsi is seen as a puppet of the West. (For real?)

I'm shocked, "...people are being manipulate... " in Egypt, that's terrible...when did they get Fox News?

Fox News is a cute harmless kitty compared to the twisted manipulative media these days here in Egypt. :D:D

Egypt is on its own way towards theocracy!

I don't understand the support by "burka wearers" for bringing sharia law into the forefront politically. If I was a young female in Egypt it would be a fearful time.

If you were a young female in Egypt, I imagine you'd do exactly what your Daddy and your brothers told you to do.  You might even embrace the change because it made your parents happy. 

If you have never lived with western values, you probably wouldn't understand them and you probably would believe the Qu'ran in its instruction of where you ranked in the hierarchy of life, i.e. somewhere below the oxen.

The so called Arab Spring revolutions were never , ever about secularism or democracy . The intentions of its leaders from day one was an Islamic state with strict adherence to Quranic law , along with the usual savagery and repression that accompanies it . This was the reason brutes such as Mubarack , Gaddafi , and Saddam , were allowed to remain in power as long as they did . They were considered the lesser of two evils . We shall now see what happens , when instead of dealing with one Iran , we have multiple , fanatical , theocratic , totalitarian states to contend with .


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