So I've been on T|A over a year and I find getting to know people through their home pages and their blogs a very appealing feature of the site.

There is a ning feature that really annoys me and I wish it could be fixed and that the page length limitation. I really wish I could set the page length to 100 posts instead a dozen... and that the page navigation tools were present ALSO at the top of discussions instead of only at some arbitrary position somewhere scrolling down to where posts abruptly end... :( I realise T|A probably cannot fix this, but maybe we can gather such suggestions and pass them on.

Something we do have the power to change is the way members present music on their home page. I am on the internet to read people's thoughts, not to suddenly out of nowhere be blasted with some music I have no affinity for. I think if people are to place music on their pages, the minimum etiquette is to place the controls at the very top of the page so people can shut the darn thing off quickly and easily instead of searching through a myriad of visuals to stop the music.

And no, I don't want to turn my computer volume off because I do listen to video clips here and there.

The imposition of personal music selections onto readers has become fashionable but I think it's about as presumptious as puffing smoke in a non-smokers' face...:(

I'm open to gettting to know other people's music selection, but I'd like to able to turn the music on myself instead of having it dumped on me.

EDIT: Placement of controls on page are user controlled, autoplay on/off is user controlled

PS before insinuating that an OP is a moron for making a request, why don't we use our noggings and do some research on the prevalence of people who feel this way about autoplay music on personal pages not just on TA but on the www in general. It is not a non issue just because someone has not pondered the topic before.

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maybe you missed this line...

the minimum etiquette is to place the controls at the very top of the page so people can shut the darn thing off quickly and easily instead of searching through a myriad of visuals to stop the music.
Saddly you err on this point. Go to your page and grab any info box, it can be moved around by a simple click and drag.
Smarmyness does not make you easier to read... I posted this in the open forum so that all members could see it and ponder on it. Your thinking that I'm coming out of left field with this only indicates that you have not paid attention to such netiquette debates on the general www.
doone is our hero of the page edit when we're just too damn lazy or busy.
It depends on the intent of the music, for your own time on your own page, or for others...

Specially as free thinkers, I assume people will facilitate readers' CHOICE, instead of imposition.

People get on the internet at the office, in the middle of the night, in all sorts of circumstances where a sudden blast of music is out of place.
Choice implies knowledge, if one cannot know that music is gonna blast at you, one cannot make an informed decision, If your pic contained a music warning sign, then it would be different.

Imposed music on a page is matter of "netiquette" and it is a point of contention with many other users on the web than myself.
oh yes, lest I forget ...
99% of my internet time does not require headphones. So I only wear them if I KNOW that sound is coming, but sound on a personal webpage does not come pre-advertised...

If people dragged the player to the top of the page, then people could turn it on as they wish, and they could choose the song... Some people have dozens of songs. Maybe I'd like to be able to quickly see the titles and chose which song to play? and skip artists I know I have no interest in...

My intent with this post is not to create a ruling that "all" people should do this. But I think if people consider the attenuating options of placement and auto/off, then we can achieve something.
To use a favorite word of yours, surely you're being facetious...?

>99% of the pages I visit to not have surprise sounds. But when I open a youtube page or another music page, the sound is ready...

Maybe you are assuming that everyone experiences the internet with the same tools... I am on a laptop with no external speakers and no mouse due to carpal tunnel syndrome. So yes, hunting for the volume control is annoying.
Generally I'm not an office person. I don't work in an office this year, but last year I had a mostly private office in a pharmaceutical company but wearing headphones at work was generally frowned upon by management.

My internet time is 99% in my bedroom.

they all manage to deal with this problem.

And you know what constantly reoccuring problems add up to : pent-up frustrations of the tousands who do not speak up. When in fact the "problem" can be completely eliminated with a little simple netiquette.
on my laptop is an annoying combo of FN + F7 for mute and multiple hits on FN + F8 for volume control, so it is most annoying.

The netiquette issue is this, given that a publisher can opt for free choice, why resort to imposition???
That begs the question, is the readership of your home page you or the world at large?

I reckon if you were really interested in presenting to readers your lovely selection of interesting and mind freeing music, you'd allow readers some leeway on how to experience it...

Otherwise the music seems more aimed at yourself... which is not good or bad, just not very netiquette... :P


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