So I've been on T|A over a year and I find getting to know people through their home pages and their blogs a very appealing feature of the site.

There is a ning feature that really annoys me and I wish it could be fixed and that the page length limitation. I really wish I could set the page length to 100 posts instead a dozen... and that the page navigation tools were present ALSO at the top of discussions instead of only at some arbitrary position somewhere scrolling down to where posts abruptly end... :( I realise T|A probably cannot fix this, but maybe we can gather such suggestions and pass them on.

Something we do have the power to change is the way members present music on their home page. I am on the internet to read people's thoughts, not to suddenly out of nowhere be blasted with some music I have no affinity for. I think if people are to place music on their pages, the minimum etiquette is to place the controls at the very top of the page so people can shut the darn thing off quickly and easily instead of searching through a myriad of visuals to stop the music.

And no, I don't want to turn my computer volume off because I do listen to video clips here and there.

The imposition of personal music selections onto readers has become fashionable but I think it's about as presumptious as puffing smoke in a non-smokers' face...:(

I'm open to gettting to know other people's music selection, but I'd like to able to turn the music on myself instead of having it dumped on me.

EDIT: Placement of controls on page are user controlled, autoplay on/off is user controlled

PS before insinuating that an OP is a moron for making a request, why don't we use our noggings and do some research on the prevalence of people who feel this way about autoplay music on personal pages not just on TA but on the www in general. It is not a non issue just because someone has not pondered the topic before.

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Firstly I am no dude, :rollseyes:

Secondly I am not dictating anything, I am suggesting that when people organise their layout that they ponder on issues of netiquette and readership. This is not something that needs arbitration. Netiquette is simply a collection of internet behaviorial guidelines that I am not the inventor of. Netiquette is there to help make the internet enjoyable for everyone.

If you chose to not side with netiquette then that's fine too, that way we know exactly where you stand.

Ask yourself, what is the intent of placing music on your page, who is your market?
Sorry. 'Dude' is simply a word I tend to apply to everyone, regardless of gender. No offense was intended by the use of that word.

My 'market' (I guess that word would be accurate since this is a place for non-believers in deities to converse, intermingle and meet.) would be anyone who hears the music and likes it. Anyway, I tend to listen to somewhat unusual bands and I like to spread their music around so that more people can find out about them. When I do bother to put music on a profile, it is usually because the songs mean something to me (even if the occasional playlist is just a 'message' to someone in particular). Even if you're doing a 'dry' blog of news items with no opinions of your own, the stories chosen would be representative of your mind-set. Most of the profiles on here are quite personal and music is a large part of a lot of people's lives. As for me, I want all of my profile to be an accurate representation of me (though it's badly in need of an update ATM).

As far as 'netiquette'- There is no one standard. What is fine on one site (Pharyngula or 4Chan), might horrify the people on another (Thoughts or T/A). The implementers of each site set the basic rules and the people who make up the users tend to dictate the netiquette. Given the nature of this site and it's contingent of users, a minimalist standard ("Don't be a dick... unless it's called for.") is probably the most that you'd be able to get a majority to agree on. Placement of modules, glaringly opposing color schemes, and even blasphemy are all up to the person who signed up for the account. Some things, however, are out of line even here- NSFW images/ posts that aren't clearly labeled, illegal material, dangerous scripts, and other things which could actually cause problems for someone who loaded the page in the wrong situation. Music (so long as it isn't something completely over the top like "Die MF Die" or most of the discography of 'Lords of Acid'), is simply an inconvenience to a few.

Oh yeah, your comparison of unwanted music to second-hand smoke blown into one's face--- When music is demonstrated to be a carcinogen or aggravate a condition like asthma, then that will be more appropriate.

Enough rambling until I get some coffee. Posting this before I go off onto another tangent. (Odd job, lack of sleep, and I frankly admit that I'm an a**hole anyway. See pretty much any previous post.)
In the news this week it was announced that a full 1 million Canadians out of 32 million use soup kitchens... and I love listening to music...
full of win. well...not for the children.
if you only want to hear music when YOU expect to hear on youtube...mute you're computer until you're ready for youtube.

you one else ever complained before. I guess you will have to meet us half way somewhere.
Really enjoying randomly finding good tunes - thanks for posting - most of you godless people have your sounds sorted. Is it ok to download tunes from peoples pages ?
how do you include other member's music into you're playlist? I knew you could do it, but when I was looking the other day, I couldn't figure it out. I'm embarrassed...I'm really geeky. if anything I'd download the .flv file with real player and convert it to .mp3 and re-upload it. lol
....its the little tri..boy, do I feel stupid.

Meh. You can choose not to look, you can't choose not to hear.
You can choose to not hear by not visiting.

I still think this is a rather poor argument. You can't know before you've visted once, and you have to visit to 'comment back' on this person's profile, and for other reasons.

Sure, in the end, it's your right and privilege to decide what you put on your page and I'll never deny that, but I think it's best for everyone to be aware of when or why their choices may bugger others (whether they choose to ignore it, or however they choose to handle it, is still up to them.)
I think Jaume made the point that our computer sometimes is already playing music, so no, we don't want it on mute.
It's not a great concern to me, actually. Although having the choice to mute sounds from TA would be a welcome improvement. It would be even better if you could mute all sounds but the one that's currently playing as well.


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