So I've been on T|A over a year and I find getting to know people through their home pages and their blogs a very appealing feature of the site.

There is a ning feature that really annoys me and I wish it could be fixed and that the page length limitation. I really wish I could set the page length to 100 posts instead a dozen... and that the page navigation tools were present ALSO at the top of discussions instead of only at some arbitrary position somewhere scrolling down to where posts abruptly end... :( I realise T|A probably cannot fix this, but maybe we can gather such suggestions and pass them on.

Something we do have the power to change is the way members present music on their home page. I am on the internet to read people's thoughts, not to suddenly out of nowhere be blasted with some music I have no affinity for. I think if people are to place music on their pages, the minimum etiquette is to place the controls at the very top of the page so people can shut the darn thing off quickly and easily instead of searching through a myriad of visuals to stop the music.

And no, I don't want to turn my computer volume off because I do listen to video clips here and there.

The imposition of personal music selections onto readers has become fashionable but I think it's about as presumptious as puffing smoke in a non-smokers' face...:(

I'm open to gettting to know other people's music selection, but I'd like to able to turn the music on myself instead of having it dumped on me.

EDIT: Placement of controls on page are user controlled, autoplay on/off is user controlled

PS before insinuating that an OP is a moron for making a request, why don't we use our noggings and do some research on the prevalence of people who feel this way about autoplay music on personal pages not just on TA but on the www in general. It is not a non issue just because someone has not pondered the topic before.

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I know how to use my laptop thank you

But really, that was the gist of my OP, at least make it easy to find, give people the option... see :)
it's better than nothing, but I still have to scroll to bottom of second screen to find it... upon clicking on someone's homepage, if it's not at the very top, then the visitor can't know if it's gonna be after 2 scrolls or 15 scrolls ... :(
you gonna have to compromise somehow.
It is your choice to view someone else's profile. It is like being a guest.
Choice without knowledge is not choice. The only way to contact someone is to go to their public space.

Do you bang your guests on the head or do you give them options?

TA is a community of people are encouraged to get to know each other, you would instead suggest that we NOT do that?
I don't see how cutting yourself off would be helpful to the "community"?
rules and "dictates" and bans have only been raised by you nay sayers here, I have never suggested any such thing...

The point is strictly to raise awareness that autoplay CAN be off, and if it's on it can be placed in sight...

Now given this is a "new" awareness for some of you, in what way is new awareness a bad thing?????
ha ha, yep, people usually do disagree with me, I've been disagreeded with all my life, so I'm quite used to it. Between a totalitarian father and being an atheist in a catholic school system and being a non nerd A student... Ya disagreement is pretty much a lifestyle for me!

My only expectation is civility...
Civility: civilized conduct; especially : courtesy, politeness.

You have displayed none of that. Being an Acadian Bilingual Separatist Québécois, I'm not too sure what cultural differences you're alluding to?????????
As we discuss through this, I have re glanced at Neal's page and see that he's set it to friends only... that is completely his right... but what if it's a loss to the community as a whole? It's not that it's "right" or "wrong" it's just a question of how to peacefully coexist with the majority of the community...
Dude, it's people's PERSONAL pages. Your trying to dictate to them what you think they should be doing with them is as ridiculous as the pastor who is trying to get his flock to leave Facebook- except that you are not even in that nominal of a position of leadership. People are also going to express opinions that you find offensive. Should any post that falls under that category have a special symbol by it so that you aren't inconvenienced by another person's arrangement of words?
The staff of T/A is the arbiter of how people can express themselves on here. If you have that much of a problem with something on the site, maybe you should drop them a line. Though if they had a problem with people having music that autoplayed on their pages, they probably would have said so in the TOS.
Keep complaining if you want, but trying to tell people what they need to do with something that is theirs doesn't fly too well around here.


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