According to the big bang theory this universe is like a bubble/balloon that is expanding.  Can there be multiple bubbles/balloons.  You or I do not exist in any of the other universes, each is unique.

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I didn't know that general relativity encompassed inflation. I though inflation was anathema to general relativity.

Einstein predicted gravitational waves (of which cosmic inflation is an effect) as part of general relativity in 1916. 

More than one physicist believes that with every choice you make (and the same might be said for anything that could go this way or that) a new universe is created by simple branching. If you are trying to decide between a hamburger or reheating some leftover pizza, you actually make both choices. Along with that, your consciousness splits. While you're aware of going for the hamburger in this universe, in the other universe you're equally aware of choosing the pizza.

Would the 'Pauli Exclusion' interfer with such an infinite bifurcation, just wondering? 

The biggest fuss about BICEP2 and Linde (chaotic) inflation is due to their anti-theological ground-shaking consequences. It's about disproving Big Bang the way a Catholic priest designed it one century ago based on Genesis. Then his Jesuit bros took over, who by the way hold science by the balls via pure censorship and financial blackmailing.

In short, this would downgrade Big Bang to a bang. Linde Inflation builds on infinite vacuum-energy concept (energy outside our known universe), meaning that infinitely many universes (each group stemming from a single boom) exist out there that came into being by the same or another token as our universe did. It's a multiverse upon multiverse upon... or, summarily also called the Hyperverse especially by string theorists like Michio Kaku.

It's the first proof of inflation, and an independent verification of the first Hyperverse/Multiverse mathematical proof (of Type II Multiverse) as given in "Hyperresonance Unifying Theory and the resulting Law",

More yet: "As Big Bang gets downgraded to a bang, the first scientific proof of the Multiverse claimed":

Glad there's an atheist forum. Atheists seem like an endangered species these days. But here come Linde, "Cosmos" et al. to save the day!  ;)



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