According to the big bang theory this universe is like a bubble/balloon that is expanding.  Can there be multiple bubbles/balloons.  You or I do not exist in any of the other universes, each is unique.

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I don't see why they'd be mutually exclusive. There could be multiple versions of each balloon in n dimensions.

Interesting thought experiment! What do you imagine is in between bubbles?

I will say anything that is NOT matter.  Don't want that pesky gravity thingy getting in the way and start distorting everything.

@Jeremy Myob Timeless exist between bubbles. Worm holes. That's what M-theorists have said, anyway.

It is 'suggestive', but not 'known'.

I am not really 'sure' if I am just a brain in a box, with a very icky VR-FOX feed!

You are obviously taking this way to serious.  I was just throwing a thought out there to see if it would stick.

So . . . I digress

According to MIT cosmologist Max Tegmark, there are four levels of parallel universes:

  • Level 1: An infinite universe that, by the laws of probability, must contain another copy of Earth somewhere

  • Level 2: Other distant regions of space with different physical parameters, but the same basic laws

  • Level 3: Other universes where each possibility that can exist does exist, as described by the many worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics

  • Level 4: Entirely distinct universes that may not even be connected to ours in any meaningful way and very likely have entirely different fundamental physical laws

When I first heard of the 'inflation' model I thought that there was a serious problem concerning the expansion exceeding the speed of light for that first few seconds. I have still not heard/read an explanation.

I had wondered if the 'C' limit had not crystalized, along with the rest of energy/mass as it emerged from the 'bang'. If the 'C' limit is just one more 'law' that emerges, giving some degree of 'identity' for each emergent universe, would this not also create different ways to indicate the existence of 'other' universes? Just speculation on my part.

Could a signal from 'other bangs', be also available to us? If 'C' is variable, would this allow 'leakage' of a signal?  

Regarding the conflict between the inflation model and the speed of light, the general reply, I think, is that the physical laws we know were likely not in effect for a while at the very beginning of the Big Bang.

Interesting, but what makes the decision for 'restraints' to emerge?

'Restraint' ~= 'Law'. 

There was once a point made during a conversation about 'C'. A case was made that the 'point' of intersection between two yard sticks, connected at one end, then turned into each other, can exceed 'C'. Since this is geometric/geometry issue, and not directly 'material', could this be a visualization tool for the 'inflation'?

I didn't know that general relativity encompassed inflation. I though inflation was anathema to general relativity. 

Any physicists in the house?

More than one physicist believes that with every choice you make (and the same might be said for anything that could go this way or that) a new universe is created by simple branching. If you are trying to decide between a hamburger or reheating some leftover pizza, you actually make both choices. Along with that, your consciousness splits. While you're aware of going for the hamburger in this universe, in the other universe you're equally aware of choosing the pizza.

Would the 'Pauli Exclusion' interfer with such an infinite bifurcation, just wondering? 


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