I'm all for the Red Lobster Amendment - protect the sanctity of... uh... not eating shellfish! Yeah!!

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I'm a paid subscriber to his show, The Young Turks, and love every minute of it.
I've watched Cenk on TYT for a couple of years. But, I didn't like the biblical quote or the reference to the Red Lobster Amendment. The reference led him off the subject. And the piece became a joke. Why didn't he quote a sexual biblical passage? I've seen better quotes on this site.
Have you seen better quotes from a mainstream media outlet?
Absolutely not. I've seen Cenk many times on You Tube and TYT. If I didn't like him I wouldn't have made the comment. But, IMHO this was not a great commentary on banning gay marriage. But, maybe that's why the segment was called a "RANT".
Yeah, his rants (which are a recent thing) aren't supposed to be well-thought-out monologues, but just quick "You know what really grinds my gears?" deals.


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