While going to the Creation Museum's Facebook page and riffing the photos ,such as the photo of Velociraptor where i placed the riff "Who dun took muh feathers?" i was asked a question by a creationist that i must say is the most bizarre and possibly most idiotic thing a creationist has ever said or asked.

Here it is...

"If evolution was true how can you explain aliens? How did they evolve from monkeys when they aren't from earth? God had to have created them."

I was in utter shock at the amazing idiocy of the statement and was not surprised when the admins deleted all the questions people were asking that i was answering. I went back and told him i could not answer a question that was written with such a earth-shattering amount of illogic and idiocy.

That takes the no-prize as my most bizarre statement by a creationist. Do any of you have any equally bizarre?

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A preemptive creationist response to questions that will undoubtedly arise if/when life elsewhere in the universe is discovered? HA! Love it! Keep moving that goal post, banana men!

(Though Poe's Law always makes me question the true idiocy behind these sort of ridiculous comments.)
Prepare yourself... you may just die laughing from this one. "If evolution is true, then why don't we see new life generating from peanut butter jars?"
My brain just died from teh stupid.
From now on, I shall put my peanut butter under a microscope, just in case.
A: Abiogenesis can result from a reaction between matter and energy.
B: The universe is infinite
C: Time is infinite
D: In an infinite universe, given infinite time, any probability is a certainty.
E: Given A, B, C, and D abiogenesis will occur in a jar of peanut butter being opened.

"This has been a joke" - before any logicians show up to stomp all over my syllogism.
I'd love to see someone ask Richard Dawkins this question.
Simians & creationists evolved from peanut butter jars
Before or after we take the ball peen hammer from him?

thats all i got... omg.



My reaction precisely.
Really! Want another good one? Try the "Bananna disproves evolution" proposal. lmao.
Check out Ray Comfort's Super Anti-Atheist Arguement.

Do I detect homo-erotic undertones?



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