While going to the Creation Museum's Facebook page and riffing the photos ,such as the photo of Velociraptor where i placed the riff "Who dun took muh feathers?" i was asked a question by a creationist that i must say is the most bizarre and possibly most idiotic thing a creationist has ever said or asked.

Here it is...

"If evolution was true how can you explain aliens? How did they evolve from monkeys when they aren't from earth? God had to have created them."

I was in utter shock at the amazing idiocy of the statement and was not surprised when the admins deleted all the questions people were asking that i was answering. I went back and told him i could not answer a question that was written with such a earth-shattering amount of illogic and idiocy.

That takes the no-prize as my most bizarre statement by a creationist. Do any of you have any equally bizarre?

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This is a wild banana. Case closed.
No man, that was totally serious. He ended up apologizing publicly when it was pointed out that the banana we know, the kind he is holding, looks nothing like a wild banana at all(as shown below by Matt).

If you don't know Ray Comfort ("the bananaman") and his "bitch" kirk cameron, just youtube their show "the way of the master". I'w warning you though, they're among the worst of the stupid, and I can guarantee you'll be really annoyed with their bullshit.
Ray Comfort's life is an epic fail.
Beautiful. As a believer in evolution, from now on I shall open all my jars of peanut butter with caution, and perhaps a certain amount of expectation. It'll be like playing the lottery every time I have breakfast!
He could have made a better anaology than a jar of peanut butter (seeing as that is already an organic compund). Perhaps the rocks in his head?
I know a guy who knows a guy who actually believes in a 6,000 to 10,000 year old Earth.
I think a lot of us know someone who thinks the Earth is 6000 years old. A co-worker at my previous job was convinced that Noah lived for 900 years. He could say that with a straight face, which is why I decided to never play poker with him.
Ha ha ha ha!
That went up on my Facebook. Epic ending to that story.
I attended a debate between an philsophy prof friend of mine and an evangelical minister. The room was full of young earth creationists. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know they existed in Canada until I found myself literally surrounded by them. what an experience. I felt so bad for the children there. Their parents are very stupid and it's not their fault.
The geocentric view of the cosmos supposedly went out the window, along with the flat-earth view. Some people apparently have managed to ignore or escape all that we've learned over the millennia. If you have a computer and are hooked up to the Internet, then such a feat of willful ignorance is beyond comprehension.
"The geocentric view of the cosmos supposedly went out the window, along with the flat-earth view..." Supposedly. Check out this outfit (these people are for real):

Galileo Was Wrong



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