Many of us are familiar with the struggle that so many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens face. Anti-LGBT bullying in schools is out of control and has led to a number of recent teen suicides.

Yet a top Mormon Church apostle has chosen this precise moment to broadcast a message of intolerance to millions.

Boyd K. Packer, the second-highest Mormon leader, said same-sex attraction is "impure and unnatural" and can be overcome, and that same-sex unions are morally wrong and "against God's law and nature."

Please add your name to our open letter showing the Mormon Church hierarchy that it has risked further alienating vulnerable LGBT youth with potentially devastating consequences – and after you sign the letter, please post it on Facebook and share it with your friends so people everywhere know that these views are scientifically wrong and misguided.

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this site is making me think twice
how can you have a good discussion
with dumb blogs..
if you REALLY want us pumped, give
us a good reason..youre givin
us nothing only half the story, i bet the morman
guy didnt even say anything that bad.
youre just freaken out over nothing.
WAKE UP. billions of people claim suicide
on a regular bases..
and guess what Once WE Go OHHHH theres people
hurting out there!
gay bullying will never stop lets get that through our heads.
its the same as trying to make a gay person straight.
it just DOESNT work for eveyone.
Gay bullying will never stop? If you believe this you may also like "Black Lynching Will Never Stop." Look for it today on Amazon!
Good analogy.
I was out on the lake in my canoe the other day when I hear loud splashing noises about eight feet away from me. It turns out some poor guy was drowning. At first I was going to help him out, but then I thought, "Drownings will never stop -- they will be going on in the world for as long as I live and even longer thereafter --, so why bother?" Once I got that through my head, it ended up being quite a lovely day!

I love you.
Anytime I see "wake up" typed in all caps, my eyes glaze over.
eh, its the thought that counts I guess.

I think signing an open letter to abolish religion would be more helpful.
I'm sure that would be taken even less seriously. in fact, *looks both ways* it's a conspiracy man! they are out to get us! lol



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