This is awful, just awful.  U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot.  According to the Tucson Sun she was shot in the head.  Here is coverage from HuffPo  and MSNBC:


 This makes me sick to my stomach.

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Those instances are not of 'criminals' , but of law breakers.  


You don't say that a person is a 'criminal' if they are speeding.  If that is the case, every cop is a criminal.  

I call this the "Tyranny of the Minority."  The NRA, its $$$$$$$$$$ and its 4 million members get to decided gun policy for the majority of people in this country.  Really turns the concept of "consent of the governed" on its head.  So, a group that represents less than 2% of the population of this country determines whether or not the rest of us ever get common sense gun regulation.  For example, a huge number of people support closing the gun show loophole.  Ain't never gonna happen because of this guy!!


I heard this interview with James Grimaldi of the Washington Post who recently wrote on U.S. guns getting into Mexico and the NRA.  It blew my mind to find out that the ATF's gun tracing data is off limits to the public, NOT subject to FOIA.  Apparently, the NRA lobbied to shut down access to protect gun dealers from scrutiny.  Grimaldi did (he won't/can't say how) manage to gain access and find out the names of the gun dealers whose guns ended up in Mexico and expose them.

We left Tucson JUST for this reason.

My husband is an immigrant. 

A blond haired, blue eyed one...but one just the same. 

As the wife of an immigrant, I will not give that state one more dollar. Not in taxes, not in consumer spending, not in tourism. 



Note the crosshairs over the districts where these congress people are from, and that Giffords is one of the politicians listed on Sarah Palin's "list."

Daily Kos is now reporting that Rep.  Giffords is not dead but is in "extremely critical"condition.  That they got from MSNBC.  And they say hospital spokesman said she is alive and in surgery.

This article from DailyKos includes a profile of the guy who ran against Rep. Giffords in the last election.  He apparently loves him some guns......

There have been tons of conflicting reports.  NPR said pretty early that she was dead, so it's impossible to tell from my end.  They do say that she was shot in the head at point blank range.  Man, I hope she's alive as much as anyone else, but...


And yeah... this goes to show who the real terrorists are in this country.  The shooter was a young white male.  He was probably insane, no doubt about it, but isn't likely that some of anger was provoked by all of the hysteria whipped up by tea party sympathizers and gun-toting idiotas like Palin or Angle?

I'm sick and tired of the obsession with and glorification of owning a gun.  Watch this story:


In that last link there, notice how in the home there were several readily available guns all over the place.  6 were found in the boy's room alone.

Incredible, just saw that on DailyKos.  But then again I live in Virginia which, when it comes to guns, is controlled by Wayne LaPierre.
Ok ok, new press conference at the hospital says that Giffords is alive and has left surgery.  She suffered a bullet wound in the head; apparently the bullet entered and left her skull and traveled through the brain.  A recovery is expected, but no news of what sort of recovery.  Also, 10 victims were brought to that particular hospital.  One has died:  Purportedly a young child.

I got my TV on C-SPAN right now. I hope the best for Giffords and the other victims and their families.


I can't help but wonder what the fall out from this incident is going to be. It will also be interesting to learn about the motivations for this attack. I'm sure there is some sort of political motivation but I don't want to speculate until there's more evidence. The political tension in this country is scary... it was only a matter or time and I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon.


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