It's because we have a mind set against him...

Yes they're serious.

My reply to them was simply this..

I couldn't get past the first paragraph without shaking my head. Sorry but lack of evidence is EXACTLY why i and many atheists i talk to on a daily basis refute the idea that there is a god. How can we have a mindset against something we refute as being nonexistent? That's like an adult being mad at Santa because you didn't get the present you wanted.

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"Have you actually ASKED us why we don't believe without resorting to logical fallacies... preconceived notions... or "half-listening?" Do you actually WANT to hear what we have to say? Have you ever talked to a large number of us?"

No. No they do not.

We all know that they never will get it because their scripture tells them that we are, they will never actually talk to us to see what we really think. In stead they make assumptions based on a book that we don't even beleive in.

the problem is, they don't live in the real world...they live vicariously in scripture. Thats why they don't know a damn thing about the world around them, because if they did, they would be atheists too.
I really hope Ken Ham gets a serious brain disorder (other than compulsive lying and greed) that leads him to suffer for years and years in full public view.

I wonder if his followers would think he was being punished by God.
Never the less I would enjoy knowing that he is in such pain.
Wonder if they knew he got the money for his Nonsense Museum and his AiG empire by embezzling funds from another Creationist organization?
WOW really? Though can't say I'm surprised If you have sources and evidence for this I'd love to see. Maybe I could do something with it.
I found the Wikipedia article and it does bring some questions up.
I feel you, but would rather not wish harm on him. I'd much rather he were to get in touch with reality, or continue with his delusions, but STFU.
Yes, calling us fools and corrupt will really win our hearts.
Calling us all evil, and we haven't done a single good thing...they know this for sure. -_-
And they wonder why so many atheists have such a negative outlook on the religious.
It's not the religion I hate, it's the religious.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
Ken Ham isn't trying to win our hearts, though. He's trying to get a tighter grip on the hearts, minds and wallets of his own flock, by creating an Other to fear and fight against. People are much more likely to give up their money and autonomy if they a) believe in a Cause and b) fear an Other.
Nail on the head there Angie!
I checked the Kids' Answers section. The first one, one about Noah's Ark, was asked by a ten year old child asking if Noah saved sea animals. The person talked about how the water was rough on them and how god allowed enough of them to survive...etc. So... you haven't proved the existence of god, or even any good evidence. I'm going to bake a cake. The cake tastes sweet! That must mean that the Holy Angel Sugarlala blessed it! That's essentially what he's trying to say.
The kids should have asked....

"Did god save all the sea animals because 90% of the freshwater species that exist today cannot survive in any level of salinity and vice versa? Oh look my question just became rhetorical because if the flood happened those animals would have died."
True, but the kid's question didn't extend that far.


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