It's because we have a mind set against him...

Yes they're serious.

My reply to them was simply this..

I couldn't get past the first paragraph without shaking my head. Sorry but lack of evidence is EXACTLY why i and many atheists i talk to on a daily basis refute the idea that there is a god. How can we have a mindset against something we refute as being nonexistent? That's like an adult being mad at Santa because you didn't get the present you wanted.

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Well if my brother used that against me my response would be.
And you believing all that bullshit is why everybody knows you are dumber than me!
"The nice parts of the Bible regardless of their loving and benign nature remind me of the fact that even if you took a pile of manure and coated it with cinnamon and honey then adorned it with emeralds and sapphires and all the trappings of things nice and beautiful underneath all of that it's still a bunch of bullshit." - Jason Paisley
There is a quote by one Democrat senator whose name escapes me now and it goes like this..

"You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts."

Atheists rely on facts rather than unsupported dogma to reach a conclusion.
That was him. had that posted on their main page. I imagine they still do as it's rather brilliant.
I doubt that you were making an absolute. The bible has very low credibility, but not zero. As example, it references cities that we know existed at the time. He was latching on to your phrasing of accepting or rejecting the whole set of myths (his preferred version of the bible).

It is easy enough to clarify that you can't completely rule out the entire mythology, but that it has close to zero validity and that there is no justification for cherry picking the parts you like while ignoring the ugly immoral nature of their god. It is all equally improbable and all without evidence.
More cicuitous 'reasoning' based on (only) the bible. Don't think, just follow the authority of god as contained in the bible. make all the evidence fit the 'facts' in it or reject it! Talk about mind set, the religious are the prime examples!
...why bother, they will never understand.
from the article:

"This is why it is important to study God’s Word and never compromise on any truth."

No believer in biblegod would DARE take an uncompromising look at scripture. They even have a euphemism for compromising on the meaning of scripture. They call it "taking the verse in context" where "context" is exegetical bondo.
Fred Phelps. Sure he's evil, but at least he's a TRUE Christian. ;p
Exactly right, Angie. And surely he is still cherry picking some parts.
Answers In Genesis.... god! [intentional pun] that site is crap central! I haven't read your link to their latest shenanagans yet... but I don't think any super crap they say could surprise me. *rolls eyes*
An atheist is someone who either denies or disbelieves the existence of God.

Well... yes... at least they got that right... but "denies" and "disbelieves" are the same thing... why didn't they just say "An atheist is someone who disbelieves in God."

This belief that there is no God is contrary to God’s Word, which clearly states otherwise—starting in Genesis 1:1.

And? What's the point? If I don't believe in God... why would I give any credibility to a book like the bible on the proposition that God exists?

CIRCULAR LOGIC 101: "God is real.... because the Bible is true... the Bible says God exists... therefore God is real." Right.... [sarcasm] VERY CONVINCING CREATION-MORONS!!

When examining why atheists believe there is no God...

Have you actually ASKED us why we don't believe without resorting to logical fallacies... preconceived notions... or "half-listening?" Do you actually WANT to hear what we have to say? Have you ever talked to a large number of us?

"we quickly see that it is not due to a lack of evidence. Instead, Scripture helps us understand that it has more to do with a defiant heart set against God."

Okay... I didn't think you put any real work into understanding us.... how SURPRISING. *rolls eyes*

As usual... they spew more super crap.... what a surprise.

*Feeling sick to stomach with anger*


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