I recently got in an argument with my boyfriend on the topic of bestiality. He's a hardcore Satanist and he thinks that it's okay for people to have sex with animals if the animals consent. I replied with they cannot verbally consent as they have very low intelligence and run basically on instinct, and I pretty much called him sick for thinking that it's ok. (Wrong of me, but it really rustles my jimmies) He said that I might as well set my religion on facebook to Christian since I follow the morals of them (except for being pro gay marriage). I'm just... lost I guess. I'm not christian at all and I think the bible is hogwash, but is there anything inherently wrong with Christian morals?? Lying, murder, stealing, all pretty bad in my opinion. Aside from that the government influenced my morality long before I even understood what Christianity was.  I don't know, I need some advice or just input on the whole situation.

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Wasn't it Richard Feynman who said,"If you claim to understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics"?

And before him, wasn't it Lau Tzu who said, "He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know"?

Who was it who said, "He is a fool who knows not, and knows not that he knows not?

I bet my puter's smarter than your puter. I actually know two people who pronounce it that way and I didn't need Google to find them either lol.

I don't know. Bozo the Clown? Socrates? Bill Maher?

At least you know that you don't know - good to know --

Silence is foolish if we are wise, but wise if we are foolish.

Pain in childbirth and periods were apparently punishments for women because of what eve did, this kind of punishment is unacceptable (punishing everyone of a group for something an individual did). Also stuff about sexual urges being unnatural when they are obviously not.


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