I recently got in an argument with my boyfriend on the topic of bestiality. He's a hardcore Satanist and he thinks that it's okay for people to have sex with animals if the animals consent. I replied with they cannot verbally consent as they have very low intelligence and run basically on instinct, and I pretty much called him sick for thinking that it's ok. (Wrong of me, but it really rustles my jimmies) He said that I might as well set my religion on facebook to Christian since I follow the morals of them (except for being pro gay marriage). I'm just... lost I guess. I'm not christian at all and I think the bible is hogwash, but is there anything inherently wrong with Christian morals?? Lying, murder, stealing, all pretty bad in my opinion. Aside from that the government influenced my morality long before I even understood what Christianity was.  I don't know, I need some advice or just input on the whole situation.

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RE: "some Texans ARE as backward as you might think."

I know. I escaped, but for a time, I married into just such a family of crazies. Yeah, I know - what does that say about me, right?

But if you had ever seen her work that stripper pole, you'd understand --

What is a "hardcore" Satanist? It's just another deluded belief. Like a hardcore anti-X-tian.


Never fry bacon in the nude...and watch him around dogs and peanut butter...lol


RE: "Never fry bacon in the nude." - I can verify that, as recently as Sunday morning!

Saith Kelin420: "What is a "hardcore" Satanist? It's just another deluded belief. Like a hardcore anti-X-tian."

In many ways you would be correct.  Anton LaVey's "Satanic Bible" made it clear that he was anti-Christian, and to a major extent his views were atheistic.  Other, more recent, breeds of "Satanism" are different, and it's becoming more and more difficult to actually differentiate someone who calls themselves a "Satanist" from someone who calls themselves an "attention w*$#e."

Ok maybe its time to start seeing other people...

And he can start seeing other animals --

A guy joined the French Foreign Legion, and was stationed in a fort way out in the Arabian Desert. After he'd been there awhile, he got horny and asked the other Legionnaires what they did when they got horny. They pointed to a camel tied to a post and said, "We usually use old Gert over there."

One night, he could stand it no longer, he went outside and took full advantage of Gert. Another Legionnaire, walking guard duty, asked him what he thought he was doing. He said, "But you TOLD me you all used old Gert!"

"Yeah," replied the guard, "We use her to ride to town and find girls!"

You're lucky my estate doesn't sue you for wrongful death, I laughed that hard.  Stealing this.

They wouldn't get much, maybe a fossilized feather or two. Glad you liked it, use it in good health - most of everything I have, I've stolen from someone anyway --

That's quite ironic of your bf to say, seeing as his own religion is just a shitty spin-off of other religions.

And about beastiality, I think letting a horse have sex with a porn star is the least evil you can do to them. What's there to consent? Like you said, animals are mindless horny creatures. Do you think your dog cares about consent when he's humping your leg or your stuffed animals? As long as the humans are on the receiving end the animals aren't harmed in any way. And if the humans are harmed.. lol who gives a shit, it's their own fault. The outcomes are quite funny even.

I guess things would get a little more difficult to judge if the animal is on the receiving end. Then we would have to judge it by proportions, whether the animal is smaller than the man or not. If a guy wants to have sex with a chicken it's obviously going to be a shitty experience for the chicken. But if it's something like a cow or a horse I doubt the animal will even feel the (comparatively tiny) human penis. It would be like having half a dull toothpick in your butt.

I know little about Satanism, but isn't Satan a construct of the Bible?  I mean, if we're throwing around who is and isn't a follower of Christianity. 

And this is just me, but I would be unable to accept any penis near me that had recently had sex (consenting or otherwise) with the family dog.  Just sayin'.

It is important to remember that the morals you are talking about are not unique to Christianity. Morals in general are found wherever civilizations arise regardless of Christian influence; they arise from social norms and mores that help society to function as a whole.  It is also important to note that morals themselves do not solely form through religion but are often enforced by it.  Religion often acts as a simple mechanism to pacify the masses and keep them in check, often through fear of eternal punishment.  Being an Atheist doesn't mean you abandon your morals. In fact it takes a firmer understanding of why is it not okay to murder the jerk that cut you off on the road by better understanding Social Contracts (ie: by not murdering you can expect in turn not to be murdered).  So don't be afraid of having morals and sticking to them.  

Morals do not come from christianity or any other religion for that matter. Morals are a natural occurance in animals, not just humans. Ever seen and animal protect its offspring? Or a dog lower its head and exit the room after you discover it has chewed up the couch again? Even animals can understand a basic wrong and right on some levels. Morals coming from religion is a myth created to make people believe that religion is REQUIRED to have morals, cause who doesn't want to be morally right? Just my 2ex cents....


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