I recently got in an argument with my boyfriend on the topic of bestiality. He's a hardcore Satanist and he thinks that it's okay for people to have sex with animals if the animals consent. I replied with they cannot verbally consent as they have very low intelligence and run basically on instinct, and I pretty much called him sick for thinking that it's ok. (Wrong of me, but it really rustles my jimmies) He said that I might as well set my religion on facebook to Christian since I follow the morals of them (except for being pro gay marriage). I'm just... lost I guess. I'm not christian at all and I think the bible is hogwash, but is there anything inherently wrong with Christian morals?? Lying, murder, stealing, all pretty bad in my opinion. Aside from that the government influenced my morality long before I even understood what Christianity was.  I don't know, I need some advice or just input on the whole situation.

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There are a couple moral failings in Christianity.

Ex. The idea that Jesus died for your sins (vicarious redemption). I think it is immoral.  As Christopher Hitchens puts it, your sins have to stay with you, your moral responsibility has to stay with you.

Another moral failing is that Christianity makes love compulsory. The idea that you MUST love god above anything else, and that you MUST love your neighbor as yourself,  which you can never do, therefore you always fall short.

 Another moral failing is how god has created us sick/sinful and demands perfection which cant be attained and then make the believers feel ashamed and unworthy.

I think those are immoral, not to mention how it excludes and condemns everyone who disagrees. BTW Im purposely leaving out how the bible condones slavery, racism, genocide, and homophobia. 

You don't need advice. Your boyfriend needs advice. Like, a wholllle bunch.

As to your question, it's inherently immoral for a couple subtle reasons:
- It's important to look at any religion's core concept. Christianity's is "spread the word of the Lord, make the world accept Jesus Christ (Christianity) into their hearts". So the core idea here is recruitment. It's the same in Islam. It's self-serving, and unless you love you some Ayn Rand, that's not exactly the noblest of pursuits.
- Christianity inhereted the "We're right, everyone else is wrong" gene from Judaism. This perceived righteousness gives them full reign, and things like the Crusades and Inquisition and witch trials happen. More contemporarily, it justifies child abuse. Not just physical, but full-on mental mutilation that can deeply traumatize its victims for life.

I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest you stress to your boyfriend the need for moderation. Freedom's just super but having sex with animals all willy-nilly is a gateway to potentially destructive extremity.

Just because Christians follow basic morals doesn't mean they thought it up. Lying, murder, stealing, and anything else our society today considers to be illegal or dangerous makes up the general list of no-nos in pretty much every culture on the planet, no matter what, if any, religion they practice.

As with the direct issue of bestiality, you already said some of what I'd have said. Or, maybe all of it. It's true, they cannot verbally consent. They also lack the higher brain functions of human beings and don't understand what's being done to them. I think the smartest of dog breeds still only has a thought capacity of something like a 2 year old child, at best.

My point exactly. Like, Christian morals aside it's wrong to have sex with something that has a significantly lower intelligence, that's why we don't have sex with kids either

Actually she is saying you are a mute donkey... same result though...

Blaine - just don't do it doggie style --

Or dress as a Furry...

Ask Dr. Dolittle if it would be too much trouble for him to get that consent in writing.

The problem is  that many Christians feel they cornered the market on morality. The Bible invented it.. ... Right, and Al Gore invented the internet. 

thinking that murder, commiting adultery, stealing, lying or bearing false witness against others, is wrong is normal it dont make you a Christian. 

it's okay for people to have sex with animals if the animals consent

Isn't it? Remember that humans are animals too...

I would also like to state that I believe humans are the only animal currently able to consent.

Also, I feel I should talk about the actual topic at hand:

Do you believe in Jesus? - No (not a Christian). That's really the only qualification for being a Christian. As far as Christian morals go, I would have to guess they all come from the same book, a book in which God commits global infanticide. It kind of speaks for itself imo.

A better question Meg, might be just where do you see this relationship going over the next five years?


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