I recently got in an argument with my boyfriend on the topic of bestiality. He's a hardcore Satanist and he thinks that it's okay for people to have sex with animals if the animals consent. I replied with they cannot verbally consent as they have very low intelligence and run basically on instinct, and I pretty much called him sick for thinking that it's ok. (Wrong of me, but it really rustles my jimmies) He said that I might as well set my religion on facebook to Christian since I follow the morals of them (except for being pro gay marriage). I'm just... lost I guess. I'm not christian at all and I think the bible is hogwash, but is there anything inherently wrong with Christian morals?? Lying, murder, stealing, all pretty bad in my opinion. Aside from that the government influenced my morality long before I even understood what Christianity was.  I don't know, I need some advice or just input on the whole situation.

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I dated a girl once who had a poodle - not the kind of "yip-yip" you can put in your pocket, a Cocker-Spaniel-sized dog. She normally left him natural, in which case, he had thick, curly black hair, but once a year or so, she would get the notion to take him to a groomer, and get him a "poodle-cut," which I abhorred.

As did he, it seems - the poor guy would hide under chairs for weeks until his hair started to grow out, and this without the use of a mirror. That speaks to me of some degree of self-awareness. 

All I can say is that I'd be concerned if you have a dog. Or if he suddenly starts saying you both should get a dog.. 

So he's the kind of guy who puts the "best" in "bestiality" ...

Kinda reopens the door of definition for the phrase, "menage a trois" --:-O surprise

Lots of great comments already, so I won't rehash them except to say, @Meg, you are definitely on the right track about the issue of obtaining consent.

But I do also want to share this story about a man and his horse (the relevent bit starts at about 1:40) http://youtu.be/rZ6AxWuA6iU

Karen L - that was SO funny! Thanks!

The moral "teachings" in the bible are useless. Besides them being quite hypocritical, there are a lot of contradictions throughout the bible with regards to morality. You don't need the bible or any religion to learn how to have good morals. I personally can vouch for this, I grew up with no religion of any kind and I learned everything I needed to learn when growing up. Now I can say my morals, as well as most atheists, are more ethical and positive than any religious persons supposed divine moralistic teachings.

it is quite simple, actually


ask him if being taken advantage of by a 500 lb gorilla would be high on his bucket list... see what he says to that! if his desire for sex is one way, as i suspect it is with him being a satanist (an extrememly me-centered belief system to say the least) then the choice is up to you as to what you will tolerate as he will continue actions he deems worthy of his attention and his desire.

James! We've missed your insightful input! How have you been?


Meg, I gotta tell ya, I don't see a bright future for you with this dude. That may seem a bit off topic, but you did as for "input on the whole situation." So let's talk about what attracts an atheist to a hardcore religious person to start with, and yes Satanism is a religion.

Don't you feel you deserve someone a bit more in tune with your own views on things? I can't imagine your views and his are congruent on many things at all. If you found someone more in tune with you, you might not end up in such dopey discussions. He's obviously yanking your chain and enjoying your reaction. Not terribly mature.

While I certainly wouldn't agree with everything Christianity says about morality, much of what it recommends is pretty much common coin (not stealing or murderering and so on).

The main thing wrong with Christian morality is WHY you are supposed to believe it. In other words, you are supposed to believe it because God says so, not because it is good or right or true on its merits.

The hard thing is when we started dating 2 years ago we were both atheists and I think I'm still holding on to the peace-loving hippie I fell in love with and not seeing him for the hateful satanist he is now. Not saying that everything he does is hateful, but he spends a very large majority of his time obsessing about religion and calling trolls into a christian chat room (which I find pointless). Could you give me some tips about why Satanism is a religion? He claims its not, but I find the idea of satanic magic to be the same as prayer.

Satan is a personal deity like Jesus or Yahweh. Thus, it is a theistic faith. There is no more proof for the beliefs of Satanists than for the beliefs of other religions. Pretty much, all religions believe in and/or rely on legends of magical events or the power of prayers or spells. What is there about Satanism that is NOT a religion?

As for me, I couldn't tolerate a hateful person, especially as a partner. How can you?

A lot of girls feel their life isn't complete unless they have a current or potential life partner at all times. This is one area where guys tend to be different. We can go without a partner for relatively long periods and not feel incomplete. And, of course, I mean that on the whole or in general, so there's no need for anyone to remind me that to every generalization there are exceptions. I've seen many a female hang on to problematic partners until a Plan B guy comes along. I'm sure they know the guy isn't really for them in the long run, but they feel something of a relationship is better than nothing.


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