I hear quite frequently that Atheists have no moral compass and cannot have morality without religion. I have a story that I think people will find interesting on this point. I am a social worker and one day a suicidal caller reached one of my co-workers, (a very devout christian). She blindly transferred the call and the caller got someone else's voice mail. The caller called again and reached me. I assessed the situation and decided that the police needed to be sent, so as to stop this person from harming themselves. The caller was admitted to the hospital for her own safety. I confronted my co-worker and she said "it wasn't my day to take calls" (I'm not kidding, this is what she said). I wondered if jesus told people to come back, that it wasn't his day to heal them? So the devout christian blindly transferred a suicidal caller and the Atheist saved her life. If this doesn't show that religion doesn't make you more moral, or moral period, nothing does. 

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I've found (infuriatingly) that Christians can sometimes assume that everything they choose to do is right, simply because they are Christian.  Integrity goes out of the window - it's OK, I'm a Christian. 

In recent years I've met several Christians with great integrity, who would never behave like this. 

I realize that this is a strength of the moral system I have developed.  You have to think about it for a few seconds before you can apply it.  It's anti-complacent and anti-selfish.  I believe that the actions of your co-worker were both complacent and selfish, and she didn't think beyond her own immediate comfort.  If she had followed "my" system, she would have behaved properly.  It's the same as what Jesus preached, except it's simple and clear.  It still seems to go over everyone's heads though. 

Good Job for you. I hope you explained this situation to said coworker.

I've got my head in the clouds.  Well done for saving somebody's life. 


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