Has anyone given thought to the fact that since the discovery of Rogaine and Monoxidil, god must be having a difficult time of keeping track of all the hairs on everyon'e head?

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Nah, that's a piece of cake. He's probably way more concerned about all of the men on Viagra having sex. You know, because sex is evil, and that's just the kind of thing an all-powerful, super intelligent being would stay up nights worrying about. Then again, maybe god has a prescription for Ambien.
LOL you silly. Lol
I sure don't want him to get distracted and lose track of all the fallen sparrows.

But you know? The thought of somehow somewhere that there is some sort of accurate record of every event that ever happened is cool.
Agreed. However, If oneday researchers find out that Monoxidil is causing cancer and they take it off the market, we'll have to assume that god lost his confidence.
Maybe one day researches will discover that being a human being causes cancer and they will take humans off the market.

Fail? lol

I'm in a mood this morning. Beats going to church.
Anything beats going to church. What kind of mood are you in Flower?
Anything beats going to church. What kind of mood are you in Flower?

Goofy and trying to be funny lol. *key word* trying lol.


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