Did you all see this?


A young boy "fell" into a zoo exhibit with a 17 year old (endangered) silver back gorilla.

The zoo had to put him down to save the child's life.

Many MANY people are outraged by this. I wonder what they would have said if the boy had been killed instead?

People are saying things like "it was not necessary" and "the mom should be criminally charged"...

Not many people are talking about the health safety and wellbeing of the child who just experienced something likely very traumatic. No one is talking about the child. They are talking about the gorilla.

What do you think? Did the zoo do the right thing? Should they have done something different?

I think they saved the boy's life. You don't need to be an animal expert to know that while he was "protecting" the boy, his mere strength could have injured him if not killed him.

Is our society just going crazy? Why is everyone up in a frenzy about the gorilla instead of thanking them for saving the boy's life?

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The gorilla was blameless, he was just being a gorilla.  His death is a tragedy.  But the zoo did the right thing under the circumstances.

The injury to the boy is as tragic if not more so.

I've seen many arguments about whether the mom was somehow negligent or careless.  It's a certainty that she took her eye off her son; it's also a certainty that expecting continuous second-by-second monitoring is a bit much.

RE: The gorilla was blameless, he was just being a gorilla.  His death is a tragedy.  But the zoo did the right thing under the circumstances.

I agree.

As far as blaming the mother...I do think she bears some responsibility, but not to the level of criminal charges. She should not be shamed.

My son fell in a pool once. He could have drowned. As safe as I thought I was being,... It is a day I will never forget. Trust me. The guilt is punishment enough. I can only imagine the guilt she must feel. And now people bashing her? What about the zoo's responsibility for their exhibit design? No one seems to be addressing that either. People are just blaming the mother. How typical.

I dunno, how many is "many"? That article used the phrase "global outrage", but they didn't provide enough evidence to support the claim. They cited PETA, which claims five million members and supporters, and we know their perverse angle.

The first time I saw the video I wanted the idiot onlookers to stop screaming. The gorilla seemed to react negatively to that. And the kid looked interested in the gorilla, at least soon after falling in. Aww, a cute little baby animal finally came to visit him!

Anyway, I think there was a good chance the gorilla wasn't going to hurt the kid, but nobody can know that for sure, so they had no choice but to put him down. The kid did get out of the hospital that night, after falling a dozen feet or so.

Wow. I guess they are trying to charge the mother...

I am not surprised.

Bat shit crazy!

The kid is traumatized for ever. But thanks to the bullet that penetrated that Silver Backs head he's alive. He probably will not be the next Jane Goodall. 

How about if it was a white albino pit bull with leopard markings and it was the rarest pit bull on the planet, and on that day it just snapped and went after the child. Would society have an issue with putting the dog down? What bullshit...

I definitely do not think the zoo saved the boy. All the workers had to do was hush the spectators. The gorilla reacted to the pandemonium. Gorillas as far as I know are much nicer than humans. Big male silverbacks will fight to usurp or maintain control of a troop. Otherwise they seem way more pacific then the ones we see when we look in the mirror. It is way more likely a gorilla will save a human I think then gratuitously kill one.  And the zoo workers should know about their animals.

Liability or responsibility is joint between zoo and mom. There is definitely contributory negligence on both sides. The zoo knew or should have known that with enough traffic that eventually a kid would get through and the mom was negligent for failing to watch her kid. I think the greater responsibility is with the zoo. I don't think the mom did anything criminal.


pacifist? Forgive me, sometimes things like this just bug me.


Learn the definition first.

And your conclusion that the boy would eventually suffer sig. injuries or death?

Based on what?

adjective: pacific; adjective: Pacific
  1. 1.
    peaceful in character or intent.
    Wrong definition, sorry

Learn the definition first.

My apologies, I've never seen pacific used in any way other than as the name of an ocean.

Based on what?

Have you watched the video? Full grown gorilla drags the boy around at high speed... seems like injury is inevitable.


Did you mean pacifistic, specifically?

I meant exactly what I said. It is a common word.

Had given the wrong link earlier when showing someone the definitions of simpatico.

Here it is.



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