I got an atheistzone email from her(?) wanting to be friends and exchange photos. I routinely check out stuff like this and, sure enough, googling her email address reveals her to be a scammer. 

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You are one of Dog's chosen people!

From Atheist Zone? How is that possible? AZ redirects here last I knew.

The address may have been harvested earlier and then spoofed.

Actually, AZ is no longer redirecting. I just logged in there. Which is good because I had planned on supporting the site. If we can find a way to migrate all the goodies and stuff from here to there, THIS site should have the redirect. :p

Spoofing email addresses is easy. For one thing, you can go here to do it online or you can download zmail to do it on your computer. The sent from domain doesn't even have to exist. Thus you could send from AtheistZoneSucksAss.com as easily as from one that does like WhiteHouse.gov.

I've started working on tips for how to help copy stuff over without violating Ning TA contract. It's pretty basic right now, but I started two AZ groups that will improve over time:

AZ Tips, and TA Gold.

I got the message too.

What was your first clue? :)

You talkin' to me? It stank for lots of reasons. 

Maybe we should all send her a pic of Wiener's wiener. LOL

Well, this is unexpected. She showed up in my mailbox about 5 hours ago:

faith sent you a new message:

Subject: hi

"I saw your profile and decided to contact you in good faith. my name is Alice I am, working with the United Nations. I'm from Florida in the United States. I believe we are in a small world, and if we can be friends, then one day we may have the opportunity to meet and know ourselves more. Good friends mean a lot to me and I trust you will be one. Thank you and have a nice day.You can contact me through my private email so that i will send you my pictures because I did not stay in place at a time: (mjoalicefrancis@hotmail.com)


To view and read your messages please log in and visit: http://atheistzone.com/members/basketcasesoftware/messages/

Of course the link to the message doesn't work. How is this spambot getting in? I'm suspecting it's accessing the site control panel somehow and searching through names... nope, maybe not. The email header has it coming from "host.centermovement.org" Who is AZ's host?

I have disabled private messages on AZ therefore that link is not working. He/she is human spammer and sending these messages manually.


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