I got an atheistzone email from her(?) wanting to be friends and exchange photos. I routinely check out stuff like this and, sure enough, googling her email address reveals her to be a scammer. 

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Got her. I find it kind of amusing that she wanted to exchange photos with Unseen.

He probably just sent her a bunch of all-black jpgs.

I should send her some pictures of Donald Trump.

I'd be surprised if I were the only guy in the bunch to get an email from her/him. If I am the only guy, I'd like to know how I was selected.

If it were special selection, I'd imagine the perpetrator saw the irony in asking for a photo of 'unseen'. However, I too was selected for target, so that pretty much pops any special stereotyping balloons.

You weren't.  I just realized I wasn't logged in over there.  Once I fixed that, I got the notification.

Google shows this isn't the only site spammed with that same, copy/pasted text.

The funniest part is how she told me she is contacting me in "good faith." On an atheist site.

It is a bit ironic, but not hugely so, because "good faith" means two different things.  A "good faith" effort simply means sincerity and doing your best to uphold some obligation you've undertaken, as opposed to looking for excuses to get out of it, or doing the job in a half-assed fashion, or otherwise weaseling out of it.

Now, what that has to do with what this individual is trying to accomplish here, is another question entirely!

Even atheists believe some things on faith. That the refrigerator is running, that gravity will continue to operate as expected, that our paycheck will cash without problems. We just object to believing in deities on faith because there's no basis for it. And we also recognize that even though one believes in something on faith, that's no guarantee of being right.

My favorite faith is believing that I'll wake up in the morning.

Damn, I thought I was specially chosen !! 


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