This speech is probably actually a favor to Trump, whose supporters believe they've been let down by a feckless, impotent, and self-serving GOP establishment which jumps to the tune of big money interests. However, it's still fun to hear it done so deftly.

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Mitt, there is no point using conventional weapons in an unconventional fight, especially ones that only backfire.

They needed to take the gloves off, not use a Mitt.

Mitt is EXACTLY the type of politician that Trumps' base has, off hand, no respect for.  

Its not going to change a Trump Stumper to a Cruz Missile, etc...

Hmm, just thought of something, all those lies and deceptions Cruz uses to fool people are Cruz Misles.


I do think that strong a condemnation WILL have some weight for the fence sitters and more traditional/less angry Repubs though...and I think its true intent is to indicate that sane people do not support Trump.

This obviously doesn't apply to Trump's base in the same way.


@ TJ:

"...Trump Stumper to a Cruz Missile..."

Hahaha, that'a cute.  what's your name for Kasich?

On an intellectual basis I think Kasich would make a better choice for the Repubicans but nobody said the voting public was all that intelligent.

So I'm not misunderstood; I meant Kasich as someone who might become President with a red colored name tag as apposed to the other three.

The GOP debate between Trump and the other three remaining candidates will be happening in minutes. It should be a slug-fest.

@ Poltergeist AKA Unseen:

"It should be a slug-fest."

Did you enjoy the fight? :)


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