Another example of religious discrimination that is just fucking ridiculous.

A new low for China

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A new low for China, Belle. Not new for the USA.

Recall the woman writer the USA barred ~15 years ago. Isabel Allende, related to the Chilean president the CIA overthrew in the 1970s as I recall.

9/11/1973 to be exact.

Don't you find the "Miss World" contests degrading? Parading flesh around on a stage so sleazy old men can drool? The extent of the girls mental capacity is not an aspect of selection. They simply need to smile with a full set of teeth and declare their true wish is world peace.

I've seen horse markets with more class.

But what if that is the choosing of the women themselves? Is it really "degrading" in such scenario?

Hey Adam! It IS the choosing of the women themselves though. I don't believe any contestant is forced to participate. I just find the entire concept shudderworthy.

I must agree with you - she was banned from degrading herself because of her religion.

There are 2 issues here - religious persecution by the Chinese government, and degrading attitudes toward women, who are valued only for their appearance.  The fact that they choose to be degraded of their on free will only makes it sadder.


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