So I wanted to talk about which misconceptions, be it definitions of atheism, scientific ignorance or what have you. Which ones do you hear all the time or rarely that really dig under your skin and tickle your insanity nerves?

For me it would have to be big bang cosmology. Whenever someone says that "they can't believe that the universe came from nothing." makes me want to shout and let it all out, I can really do without that. It would either have to be that or the scientific illiteracy that goes along the lines of "the big bang was an explozionn."

So what is it for you? Thanks!

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Snorts and splutters tea, that was too funny, Steve!

These ideas:  Faith is a virtue (ha!).  Questioning is sinful.  Seeking evidence is weak.  We can't know X, so we shouldn't try to understand Y.  Trying to understand god/the world is arrogant.

These are all ideas that have been implied or overtly stated by family members.  I valued knowledge over faith and took the path of intellectual honesty, which led to atheism. 

When someone says something to the effect of:

"The Bible says the universe is only 6,000 years old."

"The Bible says the earth was created is six literal days."

"The Bible Says there is a hell."

Any of those for a starter or the biblical illiteracy that goes along the lines of "The Bible has talking snakes and donkeys."

Whenever someone says that "they can't believe that the universe came from nothing." makes me want to shout and let it all out, I can really do without that.

I say, "Okay, so you believe that an immaterial magical sorcerer made the universe and that he did it without any raw materials to start with? Isn't that the same explanation just in different words?"

You might also point out that the idea that the universe popped "out of nothing" as an explanation for the genesis of the universe is not the official position of most cosmologists.

I have never understood the shift from a natural process by which the universe came into being to requiring a god.  That simply adds another layer.  If you ask a Christian where god came from the usual answer is that he has always existed, as if that is a rational answer.

What is the eventual alternative and how easy is that to accept?



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