So I wanted to talk about which misconceptions, be it definitions of atheism, scientific ignorance or what have you. Which ones do you hear all the time or rarely that really dig under your skin and tickle your insanity nerves?

For me it would have to be big bang cosmology. Whenever someone says that "they can't believe that the universe came from nothing." makes me want to shout and let it all out, I can really do without that. It would either have to be that or the scientific illiteracy that goes along the lines of "the big bang was an explozionn."

So what is it for you? Thanks!

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That the 'mad scientist' is a common persona, for anyone that might study nature. 

That idea that "all morality stems from religion" is repugnant to me.

ya.. like Jesus invented being good...

I am fed up hearing about the misconception that atheists are "refusing" to believe.  It's' not that it isn't true, but it is a gross oversimplification.  When someone says that to me I know he or she has his or head up his or her ass and is not listening to me.  

That 'evil is what other people do.'

Yeah, well of course scientists say evolution is true - they are all atheists.  I saw a documentary about how they throw out any scientist who isn't atheist.  They put up all this evidence and then the only people allowed to call it into question are other atheist scientists.  Why won't they let Christians present evidence?

What about the likes of Francis Collins? A Christian. Yes, the majority of scientists are either atheist, agnostic or both, but not all scientists are atheists.  


I often bring up Francis Collins when dealing with theists who believe science is a big conspiracy.  The trouble is that few of them can begin to grasp the human genome project or his role in it.  In the end they either say that he is forced to conform to atheist science in his work or that he isn't a 'true Christian'.

Science shouldn't care what belief system one holds. It's absolutely irrelevant to the objective study of the real world as a method of finding out what is true, and If a Christian scientist wishes to present evidence, then what exactly is stopping him or her?

@Logical Lunatic

Nothing of which I am aware.

When I was first learning how find the area under a curve, I felt put upon, confused, and wondering what this math ment. Then after I had some hang of it, it seemed rather 'cool'. Then ....

Francis Collins went for a walk in the forest one winter day, saw a waterfall frozen into three separate sections, thought of the Christian Holy Trinity, fell to his knees and gave praise to the Lord his doG.  Craig Venter  came walking up, saw the same frozen waterfall and said "Fuck it, I can climb that." and then he did.


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