Are there still miracles happening today? Saints are still being named.

I know a few good refutations, but am looking for a few more:

Cancer was cured for her! what about everyone else who wasn't? Coincidence.

You can claim anything was a miracle if you can't study it. These are not repeatable and not falsifiable.

anything else?

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@Sky - I thought that was Katrina - New Orleans had just allowed a Gay Pride Parade a few weeks before. If god hates Gays, why did he make them?

We hate farts, but we make them anyway. Maybe it's kinda the same thing(?).

I stand corrected.

Here's one of my favorites

It's a question no theist can give a GOOD answer for. Why WON'T God heal amputees?

ANSW: Because he likes 'em that way.

@Sky - I watched Mel (Mad Max) Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" on DVD last week at my daughter's (a dyed-in-the-wool, washed-in-the-blood Christian - where did I go wrong?!) last weekend, and it was interesting, having seen Jim Caviezel as the former Black Ops guy, John Reese from TV's "Person of Interest" and knowing that he will be playing Superman next Summer in theaters, as Yeshua (Jesus, for you Greek-speakers).

But I was left with a question - in the last scene of the movie, you see the stone rolled away from the sepulcher, the burial linen folded neatly, and just a glimpse of the bare ass of Yeshua as he moves across the camera frame to leave the tomb. As he does so, he swings his hand into view, and we see through it, via a nailhole in his hand.

My question, was how is it he could heal lepers, the blind, the crippled, and rise from the dead, but couldn't heal the hole in his hand?

Miracles necessarily involve the impossible suspension of the laws of physics. Belief in miracles involves the suspension of rational, logical thought.

For the ones that died of cancer would be because they never prayed as hard as the one who got cured. That is what I would imagine theist would say.

Are there still miracles happening today? Saints are still being named.

No. There are no miracles happening today. There have never been any miracles happening ever.

When someone's severed leg spontaneously grows back, then it MIGHT be a miracle, but it will still probably be explained by natural events.

You know Milos, there are animals capable of reconstituting lost body parts - there should be a way for Humans to harness that ability.


And if we will ever be able to do that, it will be through human means, and science. Not through the invisible sky daddy or his lich, demigod son.

Agree completely.


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