Are there still miracles happening today? Saints are still being named.

I know a few good refutations, but am looking for a few more:

Cancer was cured for her! what about everyone else who wasn't? Coincidence.

You can claim anything was a miracle if you can't study it. These are not repeatable and not falsifiable.

anything else?

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Now this was a rare 'Event'. A theist going away happy, and not condemning folks to hell.

Makes me wonder who Mike/Andrew really was?  

Miracles = an event with no explanation + chinese whispers

Last season Fabrice Muamba, a footballer for Bolton Wanderers to all intents and purposes died on the pitch during a football match. He was clinically dead for 90 minutes or something.

One of the Bolton fans was highly trained in first aid, including the latest techniques to help a victim of such an attack, he came on, took over the proceedings and basically kept Muamba alive.

When Muamba was able to give interview all he could do was thank God for sending one of his angels.

No! Thank a good man, thank a good education, thank experience, and thank the luck that he happened to be a Bolton fan. Giving it to God was ignorant.

As the religously inclined see them then NO, there are no such things as miracles, just extraordinary patterns interpreted by the religously polluted mind to be evidence of a Devine power at work.

Speaking personally; when I look about me I see miracles everywhere. They happen all the time when the human heart opens up and accepts that which is different, frightening or in need, and the owner of that heart reaches out their hands to help for no other reason then they can. That act of reaching out can be the "miracle" that another needs.
Kind regards,
Judith vd R.


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