Are there still miracles happening today? Saints are still being named.

I know a few good refutations, but am looking for a few more:

Cancer was cured for her! what about everyone else who wasn't? Coincidence.

You can claim anything was a miracle if you can't study it. These are not repeatable and not falsifiable.

anything else?

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I could get my hair back, but I don't know what I'd do with all the skin cells I've lost over the years.

Start a collection?

Deja vu is a miracle, isn't it? I get to relive a moment out of my prior life. Or look at it the other way: I got a preview of a moment to come.

Infrequently, cancer does spontaneously remit - likely due to a change in immune tolerance/escape, genetic evolution of the cancer such that it "devolves" to a state of being less viable, misclassification of the "cancer" to begin with, or some other reason. 

Miracles are only miracles to those who cannot understand or explain them.

I once heard that Mozart; said of Bach that "He is the one single, unaccountable miracle in the history of music." I don't know: I actually prefer Bartok, especially the quartets. Chuck Berry is pretty good, too.

That reminded me that a few months back a couple missionaries were trying to convince me that a miracle had happen in a poor town far from the city i live.

A mother have just arrived home when she found her daughter lying on the floor and apparently looked kind of dead, the mother crushed hastily look for a priest, a tomb and hearse to give her holy burial the same day. On the way to the graveyard the daughter got to move again and started punching the tomb while screaming just before burying her. After all that they finally took her to a doctor that diagnosed the disease a rare disease that under certain conditions make the muscles lose strength and the person is unable to move after effect pass. (Don't remember the name, but i remember the effect because i had just took a lecture about it in college, obviously i explained it to them).

After that i told them if they had taken the girl to a doctor they would have found that her heart was beating, the she was breathing and that she was conscious. They still dismissed it.

Por supuesto, they did Cesar, because it didn't fit what they  wanted to believe.

I know that you are Dominican, but let me tell you a little story about your ancient cousins in Mexico:

    Once upon a time, the Mayans had a god, Hunab-Ku. Hunab Ku was described as, “the supreme god.” In fact, the very name, Hunab-Ku, translates as “Sole God” or “Only God.” The name appears in the 16th century Diccionario de Motul, where “Hunab-ku” is identified as “...the only living and true god, also the greatest of the gods of the people of Yucatan." He had no form because they said that he could not be represented as he was incorporeal.
    There was only one teensy little problem - the Maya never heard of him.
    His mention in the Diccionario de Motul in the 16th century - after the invasion of the "one-god" Spanish - was the earliest mention of him anywhere. Though he also received a write-up in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, written after the Spanish Conquest, he is unknown in any pre-Conquest inscriptions in Maya writing.
    Hunab-Ku was closely associated with an indigenous creator god, Itzamna, and the fact that the deity is described only in a few late sources, heavily influenced by Christianity, has caused some scholars to suspect that the deity was not an actual Mayan deity but was rather invented by Franciscan friars to ease the transition from the traditional polytheist Mayan religion to strict Christian monotheism.

    Why, they wouldn't do that, would they? To those simple, trusting people? Why that would be like, like, telling Sun worshipers who celebrated the Winter Solstice's beginning of the return of the sun, that the real reason for the season was the birth of their god's kid!:-O surprise
    Oh wait - they did that too, didn't they?

I planted strawberries, cleaned their beds of weeds, feed them horse manure tea, they grew, feed them more horse manure tea, they blossumed, they grew more, they made lots of nice berries and more baby strawberry plants. 'Miracle' of a high nitrogen low pH feeding. Biochemistry be praised!  

Miraculous don't exist, that is wishful thinking. Cancer being cured is got do with medical science not talking to the floor every night. 

Even suggesting such a thing is an insult to human scientific achievement. You should be commending the human beings who discovered the cure for the select varieties of cancer, instead of taking all their credit away from them and passing on the the god of miracles. 

Things without explanations are not automatically miracles. It's the "God of the Gaps" theory, where gaps that you have yet to fill with science, god gets stuck in. You don't know, therefore God.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from"
-Arthur C. Clarke

At least with Dionysus, the "God of the Grapes," you knew what you were getting --


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