Are there still miracles happening today? Saints are still being named.

I know a few good refutations, but am looking for a few more:

Cancer was cured for her! what about everyone else who wasn't? Coincidence.

You can claim anything was a miracle if you can't study it. These are not repeatable and not falsifiable.

anything else?

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If someones cancer was cured it wasn't a miracle, it was science.  Most people draw their miracle thresholds way too low.  A 1 in a million event happens to 7,000 people!

1 in 7 billion is much more impressive but still not what I would call a miracle.

My uncle had incurable lung cancer.  They said he had only a few weeks to live.  Miracle of miracles he had a spontaneous remission which was heralded by all my Baptist relatives as a work of God.  He was released to home and pronounced "cured".  Five weeks later he died of brain cancer.

I guess some miracles are only temporary.

Whoops! God made a flub!

"The Lord Giveth, the Lord taketh away !"

I don't know how it is in Holland Judith, but here, the Internal Revenue Service taketh away. And withholding, and sales tax, and gasoline tax, and excise tax, and tobacco tax, and liquor tax, and inheritance tax and,....

As Terry Pratchett points out in one of his wonderful books, death visits just once, the tax man all but camps out on your doorstep (and charges you for the privilege) !

RE "death visits just once" - I'm sure that's what we'd all prefer, but Shakespeare tells us that a coward dies a thousand times before his death, only the valiant taste of death but once.

Rare events happen but does that mean the physical immutable laws of nature or physics that are constant across the Universe were temporarily suspended to allow “a miracle” to happen? Is it not more likely that there is a scientific (or simple) explanation for it instead?

David Hume is the man for this job.

Whenever something happens that's hard to explain, and it's something perceived as good or positive, then some people will call it a "miracle" and cite it as God's work. Equally improbable things, when they happen but are perceived as bad, are not deemed miracles and are not attributed to God.

Not necessarily... remember Pat Robertson blaming 9/11 on Gays/ feminists/ liberals/ secularists etc for invoking an angry god? lol


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