Mini post: That weird question, "How are you doing?"

I feel kind of shitty now, plus I'm at work so I don't have time to blog. I'll write a fuller post later.

I think it's funny. People ask you all day, "How are you?" The answer you must give is "Fine, thanks." You're not allowed to say, "I'm an almost-30-year-old virgin with poor social skills, and I've been thinking about suicide much more than I like lately."

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I hear you, Virgil. It's a funny tendency by straight people to collectivise us, but we are really the two extreme ends of the spectrum with everything else in between.

Yep... You and I can sit here and admit we have zero problems with each other's sexual orientation and be fine about that... chat and then move on back to our lives...

But in the heterocentric version of reality... every gay man is friends with every lesbian.  I can't tell you how many times I've met someone new who finds out I'm gay and then hear, "oh, so you're gay, you must be one of Sally and Karen's friends!  They live on my street!"

I get annoyed with that... and amused. I always make up something ridiculous as a reply. Maybe I knew Sally when she was in prison.  Maybe I knew Karen before her sex change operation. Maybe I'll say they've asked me to donate sperm.

Well I'll be your friend, Virgil and we can flaunt our eccentricity amongst our peers :)

But I still have ___ wonderful [offspring]!

Is there anyone whose offspring are not wonderful?

My offspring, if I'd had any, would have been about as screwed up as I was.

How do I know?

I married a woman who for different reasons (revealed during pre-divorce counseling) was as unable to communicate as I, and I was 41 before I met a woman who showed me that a family doesn't have to be a tyranny.

The personal benefits included that, unlike my brothers, I didn't have to work as hard as my dad did and, unlike my brothers and sisters, I had the freedom to do the healing I needed to do.

I have a sometimes bizarre sense of humor. You perhaps heard of the Broadway show Most Happy Fella.

Hearing so many people say the purpose of life is to grow up and reproduce, I enjoyed writing a short memoir with the title Most Happy Failure.

Is there anyone whose offspring are not wonderful?

LOL, I know it's a cliche, but actually, there are some hellashious kids out there, and not always because of the parent's fault. One rolls the dice, and hedges bets as best one can.

My humor's dark, personal, bizarre and not fit for public meetings. I hate laugh tracks... they assume--(I should say presume or insinuate)--so much "standard" humor. Should I watch, or avoid Most Happy Fella?


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