Mini post: That weird question, "How are you doing?"

I feel kind of shitty now, plus I'm at work so I don't have time to blog. I'll write a fuller post later.

I think it's funny. People ask you all day, "How are you?" The answer you must give is "Fine, thanks." You're not allowed to say, "I'm an almost-30-year-old virgin with poor social skills, and I've been thinking about suicide much more than I like lately."

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Probably want to stay away from that last bit with strangers or not-so-close people, but I think it's good to talk about it with someone close. A state like that can shape and define a person, and it deserves to be a matter of serious and honest discussion. 

The "How're ya doing?" thing really does get old. doesn't it?  

So... I screw with people most the time when I'm asked...  I've got a few prescripted lines to use.

DUMMY: How're ya doin?

ME: (depressed look) Not so good.  I went to the doctor today.  He wasn't pleased at all with my urine test.

DUMMY:  Oh my gosh!  What's wrong????

ME:  (always walking off with my back turned) he said it tasted too salty.

It works great on convenience store cashiers with a line of customers... 

Also...  I HATE when I'm finishing a purchase or leaving somewhere and the other person says....  "YOU HAVE A GOOD ONE" as a way of wishing me a good day.... so I have replies for that...

"So where did you find my nude pics on the internet?"

"Yeah, I made a lot of money doing porn with it too."

And back when I was a cop working 3rd shifts the big question on my breaks was....


I'd act pissed off and then sneer, "why is everyone so danged nosey about my sex life?"

Going off topic a bit...... but ....  At a C-store a few days ago and the cashier was woman that I can accurately describe as a slutty bimbo who worked last year at the C-store in my town.  I got in line with my drink... when I got to the register with about five guys behind me she almost screamed out.....

Do you still use those extra large condoms?  We carry them here!

So there I was thoroughly embarrassed and my embarrassment morphed into a faked look of complete depression before I answered.

ME: Nah. I caught something real serious and had to quit using them.

HER: OMG what did you catch?

ME: (used my head to point to my boyfriend right behind me) Him.

Ha ha


I wonder about this too. It's like it's a formality, but I take it at face value and say "Uh, I seem to be fairly healthy. My financial house is in order."

Just got out of the hospital on Friday...multiple-strokes have impaired my vision.  Now the lifestyle changes start taking place.  Can't drive a car nor motorcycle, I have been independent for a long time this is going take some getting used too.

Not ready for suicide just yet but I have been joking about it (got me in trouble with the shrink at the hospital) dem thar people got no sense of humor. 

Oh Gregg, hugs!!! Are there at least buses where you live?

Thanks Belle, no bus routes out here, I guess I'll have to get a horse. :)

Ahhh shit Gregg ...I recall my father had most of his vision slowly come back after his strokes. The brain can re-wire itself.

Thanks Robert, that's what I'm hoping for, a bit of re-wiring, in the meantime it's a funny looking world.

I'm losing vision in my right eye. I have an ophthalmologist appointment a week from tomorrow to look into it. I think and hope it is a cataract because there is a surgical solution for that. I'm hoping it's not macular degeneration or nerve damage due to my diabetes, which would make it irreversible.

Life is a shit sandwich, and every day we take another bite, right?

I'm beginning to dislike the taste of this sandwich. :(

Good luck with your eye appt.


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