Milo Yiannopoulos, topical, political, thought provoking and damn he pisses folks off....

Thought I would throw out a name that should bring out the best in all us Atheists.......

I am curious on other atheists thoughts on this thought provoking young man.....

Only 2 rules I ask for if you choose to respond are:

  • Have actually watched or read at least a small amount of his views, first hand.
  • Please stay factual and don't rely on imaginary facts/friends and generalizations.

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I think he is vile. He traffics in anti-semitism, has painted false narratives regarding the gay community and pedophilia (a nasty narrative we struggle to get away from to this day), singles people out for ridicule (his troll fest against Leslie Jones that actually got him banned from Twitter)...I could go on and on and on. He's terrible.

Oh, and he calls Donald Trump "daddy," which is just creepy, and Trump is horrible too.

I think what a few users are trying to say here, are so far, two arguments.

#1 We can separate the showmanship from his ideas.
#2 They aren't really that guilty of total douchery, because their targets are celebrities and hey, that's the world of being a public figure.

I think few here would disagree with you that he has spoken an endless waterfall of racist, homophobic, anti-semitic and sexist remarks all packaged in a vile tone. I am yet to watch his youtube videos (I couldnt take anymore after twelve of them) that did not have at least two of the above. Some people think it's perfectly fine to engage in dialogue like that. Just filter out the showmanship.

#1 We can separate the showmanship from his ideas.
a. No. While after listening to his godawful youtube videos enough times you may be able to pick out the most absurd claims he makes and the claims he stands by, the middle is not easy to separate, and this isn't a case of just splitting hairs, there is an enormous middle ground where you cannot separate the vile views from the "just getting attention and joking around". That's what makes this kind of stuff so useless. It's great for "south park" which does all of this a million times better. It's horrible in the world of exchanging ideas.
b. He is endlessly insulting and humiliating people for no reason other than to get a larger auience and make more money. It's one thing to trash a liited group of people in a minimalist way, to make a difficult point, it's another to be a top dog asshole of the highest degree, just to get a larger audience, while peddling ideas you don't even believe in. Again, South Park does this really well, and they make commentary excellent because they actually stand by their ideas and its very easy to separate the offensive (always ironically done) from their ideas (they have very few ideas). They are still dicks. But they wouldn't possibly compete with Milo for the "biggest douche in the universe award".

#2 Such people aren't really that guilty of total douchery, because their targets are celebrities and hey, that's the world of being a public figure.
a. In general it is a total fallacy to judge ideas by the people who make them. That is not, however the same thing as saying "someone hasn't been a monster because they attack famous people". You are still a nasty piece of scum if your entire being is pointlessly and needlessly trashing and insulting enormous groups of people and celebreties in the vilelest way possible, just to get more views.
b. To defend a person trashing a celebreity endlessly, mercilessly, ruthlessly while egging on other users to harass her, send death threats, bully her and spend weeks sending thousands of messages calling her dike-c**t-n****r who should kill herself before we all rape her" goes far beyond the kind of angst a celebrity deals with. Milo and other twitter trash, when trolling Leslies Jones off of the internet, have brought the harassment to a level that is unspeakable. He didn't just give her a "hard time". He tried to ruin her career, her personal life, her families lives and all in the name of ideas he doesn't care about while trying to get extra click.

His ideas aren't thought provoking, it's repackaged stupidity. He doesn't believe the ideas he is spouting, why should I? He humiliates and destroys people's lives for no logical reason which is fun in a wrestling ring, not in the world of ideas. He does it all for clicks, so why would I give him a youtube click when there are thousands of cartoons that are actually funny and make a good point and intelligent entertaining people who make good points that they actually believe in.


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