Milo Yiannopoulos, topical, political, thought provoking and damn he pisses folks off....

Thought I would throw out a name that should bring out the best in all us Atheists.......

I am curious on other atheists thoughts on this thought provoking young man.....

Only 2 rules I ask for if you choose to respond are:

  • Have actually watched or read at least a small amount of his views, first hand.
  • Please stay factual and don't rely on imaginary facts/friends and generalizations.

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Replies to This Discussion attack on Trump and on Milo is not an attack on you. Have I called you anything? Have I disparaged those who voted Trump? There's countless reasons people voted for him or why they adore him. Have I called anyone stupid for having their mind shaken up when watching Milo's videos? That's usually a good thing.

Trump is a scumbucket. That doesn't mean you had to be a scumbucket to vote for him. Milo is a vaudeville-phony...that doesn't mean you have to be a vaudeville-phony to get something out of watching him.

Consider taking one or two of the themes Milo brings up...start a new discussion and ask an interesting question about the topic? Get rid of the stagemanship and the naked idea is tye focus. We might find we don't disagree that much.

point taken.

however it is somewhat uncomfortable to be in a room with someone screaming even if they are not screaming at you.

Wouldn't you agree?

I will take your advice on looking at a focused topic with no milo. however I didn't understand the rest of your last paragraph as i am anything but a purveyor of stagemanship (is that even a thing)

"I think you are like many that hear trumps name, just go extreme negative, emotional and start name calling."

He and alt-right are building the institution of name-calling. And their loyal citizens say "toughen up or tune out, whiners".

Now I think the opposite Davis. 

The US is nothing like this. It is unique in that it has a strict duality: blue-red, left-right, liberal-conservative, democrat-republican ying-yang

Yes we have two extremes running our politics so all we ever get is to choose between the extremes.   The vast majority of the US is center right (oh so slightly) so we never feel represented, not even closely; that is why we have our current POTUS.

(Notice how i didn't say his name in a feeble attempt to not create another shit storm.....)

He is the gay conservative version of S.E. Cupp (the so called Conservative "Atheist"). All of this is an act to make money by preaching to the choir. The right loves to gobble up any nonsense about the left regardless of how false they are. Right about now, in America, the right wingers are really brainwashed to believe that all of their life problems are due to liberals and Democrats. So people like Milo are opportunists who use this tactic to their advantage to make money. Another one is Tomi Lahren, who literally had videos of her from college spouting pro liberal ideas, up until the point she got a job to spout nonsense against liberals.

It's called Free Speech and everyone is entitled to it, Milo gets to express his.

I accept Milo's right to speak, people are too sensitive to ideas they don't agree with.

I agree Gregg and well said.  

I am not sure when the rhyme "sticks and stones may break my bones etc etc" stopped having meaning.


I'm pretty sure most people still believe that sticks and stones can break their bones.

Laws for slander and libel, for example, have nothing to do with sticks, stones, etc, but EVERYTHING to do with words...and their impact.

So, if you believe words can never hurt you, you would therefore consider slander and libel to be invalid crimes.  What about OTHER forms of false testimony, as they too are merely words?

What about lying about issues that the public will base decisions upon, such as if Pakistan is an ally who will help find and capture Bin Laden, or if they will instead safely transport him to a protected place in Pakistan?  Or if Afghanistan is responsible for the 911 attack?  OR that Saudi Arabia was?

Is that your actual position, that slander and libel, lying under oath, making misleading or false public statements, should not be crimes?



No TJ libel,  false witness etc etc is a crime and should be a crime.  But trying to blame a famous personality for the words of his followers is ludicrous.

most if not all the factual complaints about illegal Milo's words are words from his followers not Milo.... If one wants to prosecute the actual ones that say the illegal/libelous/threatening statements I support their position.  

BTW would this include Madonna wanted to burn down the white house....?

as for lies about pakistan etc these are mostly Politicians.  I would welcome prosecuting politicians for their lies......   Congress would end up pretty empty.

PS I never said sticks and stones won't break your bones; that was the whole point.  It is the Words will never hurt you.  Not directly at least but as you say they can have effects indirectly but not by doing physical harm.....

"sticks and stones

- I think you're being disingenuous.  You must realise that the reason Milo trolls and harasses people is specifically to hurt them. 

No Simon I disagree with you on Milo.   I don't like some of his style and on a couple issues I do disagree with him.

However, ON his screaming from the rooftops about unfettered religious immigration and the risks to society of political correctness.

DUDE I AGREE with Milo.....


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