Milo Yiannopoulos, topical, political, thought provoking and damn he pisses folks off....

Thought I would throw out a name that should bring out the best in all us Atheists.......

I am curious on other atheists thoughts on this thought provoking young man.....

Only 2 rules I ask for if you choose to respond are:

  • Have actually watched or read at least a small amount of his views, first hand.
  • Please stay factual and don't rely on imaginary facts/friends and generalizations.

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What I think is that I don't want to feed the trolls.  I don't want to engage with his incoherent hate-rambling.  I think he's a bully who just wants to provoke a reaction. 

It works for them even as entertainment, watching us writhe or fuel their fire. It's not about making the world a better place for all, but about making their own place and what they have better, FUCK everyone else. Similar to terrorist's justifications.

Really Simon incoherent. 

I would say he is anything but incoherent.  

He is pretty damn clear and plain in all he says even if you don't agree.

That said, from what I hear on this side of the Atlantic, some of those lefties aren't much better.  But the lady from Ghost Busters didn't deserve her treatment that got Yiannopoulos banned from Twitter for life.  He seems like one of those gay men who despises women. 

"some of those lefties aren't much better"

Absolutely, and they're contibuting to the problem. We need to focus on our strengths, not copy the assholes. Hillary failed trying to out-Donald Donald.

I'd rather be called a whimpy, whiney bleeding heart, than respond in kind. Same as for responding to terrorism. Our strength is in not lowering our humanitarian standards to play their game the way they want us to.

When we're "great", our beacon attracts like minds from around the world.

Aren't we though? They conduct another attack and we wave more of our rights. They keep doing it and eventually we will be under a government that just sees the people as pawns without any right to dignity. It is already getting to be that way. The government watches pretty much everything but the muslims these days for fear of being called racist. We are playing exactly the way they are counting on. They cry racism and we cower in fear. The majority support Sharia Law being put in place of the constitution and we laugh it off. In 20 to 25 years there will be enough of them to vote in that change, if not sooner with the help of the Democrats bringing in large amounts of refugees. Many of which bring their 3rd world issues with them. We are playing the game exactly how they want us/expect us to play.

Our immigrants are very well vetted and sponsored, compared to the overflow of refugees getting into Europe, in spite of what the lying, populist-rallying, Muslim fear-mongering isolationists like Trump and Bannon say. How many serious agressions by USA Muslims immigrees or home-growns are you aware of?

Plus, European politics has been influenced by Putin-motivated destabilisation for much longer than USA has been. Euro-Asia have been practically worlds away from USA, that is, until our Pro-Putin Trump/Bannon team over-took USA politics with their New Snake Oil and Putiny Oligarchyism.

When I say "we're now playing the game They want us to", I'm talking about terrorists and Putin who's agenda is to destabilize countries and impose their own, favorite authoritarianism and religion.

Now think Trump and his supporters, fostering a dysfunctional, dying government in USA (except for its police state powers and religious sectarianist influence), rather than fostering what *really* made us great, e.g. the balance of power across our executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and our *constitutionalized secular* divorce of government from religious establishment.

Maybe he was a bit brash with Leslie Jones, but she is a public figure and lord knows a lot worse has been said to any number of public figures. 

It goes with the territory of being famous. 

An come on it is only words..... and not even face to face words.

Folks need to quit pretending to be so fragile.

"Folks need to quit pretending to be so fragile.

- that's what bullies say.  You wouldn't like to be treated that way.  "Just turn off your computer"?  Why should people (usually women) be forced off the internet?  The guy's a bully. 

Bullies are real, no doubt. But, I had a great discussion with a school superintendent on this exact subject once. He said, it has been his hardest job in all of education dealing with bullies.
"it is like trying to get your arms around a cloud"
one day the abused, another the abuser. The bigger cases are pretty easy but running down the worm hole will lead to impossible decisions. Kind of like "no gun tolerance rules" and throwing a kid out for having a plastic toy soldier.

Ok lets go with your essentially "censorship" then Simon.
If we decide to censor unacceptable speech whom is going to decide.
I am not comfortable with that period.

Let anyone say what they want and just toughen up or tune out.

He stalks and harasses women on the internet.  That's not a very good thing and it should be stopped. 

"just toughen up or tune out.

- people have a right not to be harassed in their own home. 

You do know he's a malignant narcissist?  ie. he is an anti-social narcissist who gets his narcissistic supply (gets his ego stoked) by pissing people off and bullying them. 

I've got a lot of time for Jordan B Peterson (who is a conservative) because he has a brain and is not a shallow attention-seeking little bully. 

Freedom to speak = good. 

Freedom to bully = not good. 


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