I disagree with Campbell on the difficulty of predicting the future. I realize there are anomalies, but statistics, arithmetic, and mathematics in general do a pretty decent job of predicting outcomes.

I've also copy and pasted the article below.

The south is known for its old traditions and often people associate that with strong religious beliefs, but now that the new generation of 2000’s kids are growing up that might be changing.

Professor W. Keith Campbell of the University of Georgia’s Department of Psychology co-authored a study that found the millennial generation to be the least religious generation thus far.

With the help of three other researchers, the study consisted of analyzing data from 11.2 million survey respondents that was representative of people from the ages of 13 to 18 from years spanning between 1966 and 2014. The survey found the millennial generation is less religious than prior generations were at this point their lives.

When it comes to the millennial generation’s shift away from religion, Campbell believes that the main cause is large shift towards individualism.

“People no longer trust large, religious institutions,” said Campbell. “In a society where individualism is on the rise, people do not like having to abide by religious commandments.”

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 36% of people from the ages of 18 to 24 and 34% of people from the ages of 25 to 33 are indeed religiously unaffiliated.

The apparent shift away from religion has also led to other cultural changes such as an increase in tolerance towards matters such as gay rights and even other religions.

Tifara Brown, a 3rd year student from Ocila, Ga. who identifies herself as a Christian, said, “I’ve seen that people who do not believe seem to be much more open to the idea of other religions and more active in pushing for rights for the LGBT community.”

Brown went on to describe her friend group that consisted of several atheists and someone who follows Buddhism. For her, this religious variation brings new ideas and perspectives to the religious discussions that they have.

Professor Derrick Lemons of the University of Georgia’s Department of Religion conducted a study that focuses on how southern millennials’ view of scripture impacted their religiosity, using same-sex marriage and abortion as pegs for questioning.

“What I found is that southern millennials are open to the idea of civil, same-sex marriages,” said Lemons. “They were very reluctant though to require force and encourage churches to adopt same-sex marriage as a practice within the church.”

Although this shift away from religion in millennials has created a greater tolerance for different ideas such as same-sex marriage and abortion, the ones that are still religious will still stand with their religion before completely accepting these ideas.

As far the shift away from religion is concerned, Brown believes that the media plays a major role in promoting individualism and even leading people away from religion and that should not be undermined.

“I believe that we are fed so many images of terrible things happening in the world, and I think that the more someone lets the pain and anguish seep into them, the easier it is to fall away from faith.”

Going off of what Brown said, Lemons provided a different perspective and said that the media is not affecting religion as much as one would think due in part to the fact that we choose what we want to read and watch.

“Sure the media has influence, but the media is in the sales as well and they generally show what people want to read, or movies, and what they want to see on TV,” said Lemons.

The fate of religion may not be as hopeless as we though, and Lemons believes that instead of a continued decline in religion altogether, only our thoughts towards it will continue to change.

“I think that the way that we define religion and religiosity will shift overtime, but in American culture, religiosity and religion have remained pretty resilient.” 

All in all, the fate of religion is as Campbell said, “It’s very challenging to predict the future.”

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Hi there guys, it is a sad fact of life that religion in various forms rule a large part of the planet. There is very little that can be changed about this horror of mind enslaved routine used by rulers everywhere to keep control of the people and are used as fools and slaves for the rulers fun times or worse.


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