Micheal -

You make a LOT of statements, most of which, at least APPEAR to be nonsense, gibberish, or just wrong.

As most of the threads you post in quickly get sidelined by questions about what the ---- you are talking about, most often to do with your core beliefs, I thought this thread would be helpful to consolidate what you believe.

So, I will pose some simple questions, and, you can answer them as you see fit, to explain what you believe all in one place.

1) Do you believe that Jesus Christ was the son of god, and, that he did and said what it said he did in the bible?

Feel free to clarify/expound upon how you feel about this issue.

2) Do you believe anything the Catholic Church says, and, if not, who DO you believe as a source for your beliefs?

3) How old is the known universe, and, how old is the earth, in your opinion?  What do you base these estimates upon?

4) How would you explain the oldest fossils being simple, and, progressively complicated, and having new features, and becoming new phyla, etc, over millions of years, with zero evidence that modern forms existed prior to ancient forms, and 100% evidence that ancient forms existed prior to less ancient forms?

5) How many supernatural entities, in your opinion, actually exist?

Examples would be gods, demons, angels, fairies, leprechauns, unicorns, saints, ghosts, zombies, etc.

The above is a good starting point.  If you answer the above 5 questions, we will have a great framework to help understand what you are saying, and save some trouble in the many individual threads where these types of questions are continually asked based upon your related posts.

We hope that, perhaps, your explanations, here, will make us finally understand what you want to say, and, allow us to not blow off a lot of your statements, because we might know what you are really referring to, and, perhaps, not seem as insane.

Maybe we'll even "get it", and agree with you if it starts to make sense.

- Thanks!

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Hi TJ,

    Michael is apparently quite well-read on christian theology. Part of the problem is that he assumes we are equally well-read and just launches into high level academic-style debate without laying any of the groundwork. It comes off as crazy, but I think he's generally got a point he's trying to make... He's just not very good at making it.

In any case, I look forward to Michael's answers and a good discussion.

He rejects most of christian theology, pretty much everything after Nicaea IIRC.

Oddly, all the pre-council stuff is also from the Catholic Church, but he seems to act as though its not.

IE: Constantine certainly called them all together to forge a religion, but, there's a reason he called who he called.

It also has to do with who was banished or killed, and what works were burned, and, the ones Mike is obsessed with, might be the ones that survived.

So, ALL of it came from the Church, but there were different factions within the church, just as there are today...and, some won, and some lost.

All of course are equally bogus fabrications, and what won or lost was based upon what they voted on being the best religion to control the masses, etc.

Mike believes the better side lost...akin to Beta being superior to VCR as a video format, but VCR vanquishing Beta in the market.

Mike wants Beta Christianity...but seems to go with the Alpha and Omega anyway on most thing so far.


The main issue I have is that all the nitty gritty details, like you mention, are basically irrelevant to someone who rejects the basic premise. It's like Michael wants to argue about how long god's nose hair is and we still just don't believe he exists at all.


Sometimes he sounds like he's channeling an oracle though, streams of words he thinks mean something, because HE found a way to find meaning in them...but doesn't know its like seeing Jesus on toast, etc.



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