I concede that I've had fun as a child when Thriller came out, then the video, danced to much of his music throughout my life. His music made me smile a lot. His death today didn't make me smile, but I did have a sense of FINALLY!
Look, I say we aren't honest about celebrities. This site is a little more honest than the next. Is it me or the clear case that he molested, if not raped, children and many of them? How can we look past the fingering of children and celebrate the life of a man whom if alive would always, always be a threat to children?
I say good riddance. What do you say?

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Interesting. Lisa Marie said that MJ told her he thought he'd end up just like Elvis...

Obviously he meant dying young just like Elvis. I wonder if he also specifically meant dying young from a heart attack resulting from addiction to prescription painkillers just like Elvis.

Could be. Maybe he knew that he wouldn't be able to beat the addiction. At least he didn't seem completely delusional or in denial about this harmful behavior.

As long as we are looking at parallels... years from now are we going to have a similar Elvis-like mythology surrounding MJ? I think there is a good possibility of it.
I dunno.. I think people have some kind of genetic inclination to do so.. It must be like believing in an afterlife. Logically it makes no sense, but we just can't seem to let it go without a major upheaval.
Hell, to this day I swear I saw Heath Ledger throwing up in an alley on Patong beach like a week after his death.
It must be something in our brain wired to make us do so.....
I don't believe he did any such thing to children. I think it was easy money. He openly admitted to sharing his bed with them, but I believe that that was solely because of his highly unique [lack of a] childhood. He literally didn't have a childhood, to any extent. Hence, in adulthood, his life was dedicated to being a child - even so much as turning his backyard into an amusement park. If he had something to hide, he wouldn't have admitted to sharing his bed. It only makes sense that he loves children more than himself - they have something he's always wanted, and he sees himself in them (no innuendo intended, mind you).
For the money those families got, it's hardly a surprise to see such allegations. Sharing his bed (however abstinently) wasn't a smart move, but it doesn't mean anything illegal took place.
So, I have to say he acts strange for psychological reasons, but I don't think he's a pedophile.


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