I concede that I've had fun as a child when Thriller came out, then the video, danced to much of his music throughout my life. His music made me smile a lot. His death today didn't make me smile, but I did have a sense of FINALLY!
Look, I say we aren't honest about celebrities. This site is a little more honest than the next. Is it me or the clear case that he molested, if not raped, children and many of them? How can we look past the fingering of children and celebrate the life of a man whom if alive would always, always be a threat to children?
I say good riddance. What do you say?

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While I would never wish for anyone's death, I have to admit that my first thought was also that the world will likely be safer for a lot of kids now.
Very well put.
Very well put. I feel pretty much the same.

I just hate how the media (for the most part) now ignores the inappropriate things he did and tries to cast him in a more favorable light. I have a question... What's so wrong about reporting the truth?
I've noticed this is a tendency no matter who dies. Once they're gone, everyone suddenly forgets all the bad...unless they were really really bad. I think it's part of our cultural respect for the dead. Whether that makes sense or is fair is something I've struggled with through the years.

It's similar to how everyone feels pressured to declare every baby and child as cute, even if they are ugly. Every dead person was a saint and funny and kind even if they weren't. It makes me question everyone's publicly declared opinions.
I was afraid people would not be able to get past the allegations against him, and remember him as the mollester of many.
I respect this opinion and I can't blame anyone.
But I feel regrets for him: he really tried hard to get back on his feet for his new tour and all, and really wanted to get his fans some news songs and really wanted people to have a better image of him...now we now hes never gonna get that chance.
FYI...I strongly believe today Michael Jackson never mollested anyone.
Why do you strongly believe he never molested anyone?
I won't say he has never molested anyone, because I don't know, but I follow the rule 'innocent until proven guilty'. Assumptions won't do an unusual but innocent person any favours. Wasn't it that way with the witch hunts?
Honestly, I just have to say... I think this attitude mirrors the attitude Christians have about the murder of Dr. Tiller. In their minds, he was killing children. Just to be consistent, I don't think expressing pleasure at someone's death is ever really a great idea. I mean, feel whatcha wanna feel... I'm not a huge fan of MJ myself and think he probably is a sex offender who got away with it because he was a celeb. I mean... it's ridiculous.
I have to respectfully disagree with the analogy that this is a kin to Salem. Jackson was found not guilty in criminal court. That's not innocent or exonerated. He settled the 1994 case because he was about to get his ass kicked in court. That case went to civil and not criminal because there was a payday in civil and criminal would likely have left them with nothing due to attorney's and his financial status then. So suggesting that he wasn't given representation or not presented with evidence to refute isn't the case.

I heard an interesting argument today about why this affects people. Celebs like Jackson have had such a vast impact on our lives because they are tied into so many memories of people that we love and good life experiences. When they die we associate their death with the death of our childhood. It has nothing to do with the celeb but has to do with our memories associated with them. If the memories are good that's how we remember it no matter what they do.

It might be fair to say that Jackson didn't fully understand his actions. But he did understand that it was wrong. Read the settlement and realize that time after time, child after child described it as a slow progression of earning trust. If he thought that it was ok he would have dove right in. High price attorney's don't settle unless giving up billable hours unless it will embarrass them in the long run.
The most we can say is we don't know. Those that act as if they do are like religious people that say they know there's a god, even though they have no proof.

If he's not been proven guilty, he should be treated as if he's innocent. Preconceptions and hunches aren't a good basis for belief.

"Lots of people believe it, so I will too." Where's the critical thinking skills here?
CaraColeen... I get your point and I'm pondering. I'm thinking that if Osama were killed, you wouldn't feel relief over that? Someone is in the act of murdering someone and the police shoot them, you don't take solace in that death?
If I would have ended the headline with ... and I'm OK with that. Would it change the objection?
I'm not convinced he molested children. I think he had relationships that the rest of the world considered inappropriate (Such as pretending to be a child himself, which points at a major psychological issue) but sexuality, as it were almost seems to conflict with the profile that I've read.
Now, that isn't to say I've read all the information or that I was there in person.. that's just saying based on the info I've seen, it seems way more like he was trying to revert back to or relive a perfect childhood.
Be that as it may, his music made me smile and that's the only thing I can ever know about him. Since he hadn't made any new music in a while, there is nothing for me to miss. Since he didn't effect my life on a daily basis, there is no gap to mourn.
It's just one more reason to have a media circus, and if we're lucky, a few 80's MJ costume parties.

The Lisa Marie comments were really werid. Anyone else see that?


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