Hello, my fellow atheist. 

I have seen a few posts on feminism and women's rights but no posts on Men's rights and MGTOW or the "Red Pill" movement. I am not a fan of the current feminist movement. I think it is full of hate against men and not looking for equal anything but the abject subjugation of men. I am curious if there are any MGTOW men on this site and how you view society with this new wave femihate. I have told my son never to get married and be careful while dating due to false rape accusations. I also told him not to have kids due to the unfair family court rulings against men. 

I do believe there are some instances where women are still disadvantaged but that can be said of every group. I will just say now I am writing this to hear from other MGTOW men, not hate-filled feminist so if you can't respond to this in a calm polite manner of discussion then go back to Facebook. I would be willing to join a group if one is created or maybe even create one for MGTOW Atheists. 


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