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Recently I was asked to join the metal music community in north Georgia , I couldn’t be happier to once again use my skills and contacts and experience booking shows and promoting bands. I found a few bands that I really enjoy and when I saw some of their fliers I was a bit confused .. A parental advisory on a flyer? I asked why and I was told because they do a demonic chant in one of their songs .. I was looking forward to seeing this, but the venue had told them they would not be allowed to do this .. Another band I found has a prop of an inverted cross . And they have been told they can not use this prop and have also suffered pay cuts from many venues because they didn’t like the props they use . Another venue I saw books bands from the death metal genre and then again tells them they can not sing certain lyrics or have certain props and again are not paid yet this Christian venue collected $20 form all 700+ people who showed up and paid to get in and see these bands .. What the hell rite? So ive had enough and decided that the religius people in this part of the world are ass fuckin backwards and ive decided to fight back with a project of my own exposing such behaviors. But I never in my 10 years experience booking bands have ever seen such censorship by the religious community, If I had some of my bands from California get on stage in the south I would surely be arrested .. Or even burned at the stake. So the longer ive been exposed to these “followers of Christ” the more I see how ridiculous it is . I was under the impression that the basics of religion was to be nice to people and not judge .. I guess I was wrong .. Id like to see these religious fanatics out here to point their moral compass at them selves and tell there preachers to stop molesting little boys, tell their husbands to stop getting drunk and beating their wives then walking in a church like every thing is ok. .. I can rant all day about this, but maybe if just a few of you read this you can giggle out loud at the newbie to the atheist club . =)

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lol! thats it exactly!! well im glad i found this web site and there are people who understand!
Me too. :) I just found this site last month, and it has been invaluable in helping me stay sane while stuck in Texangelical Hell.
Hey, if you want to use an inverted cross, just say it's a Cross of St. Peter and how dare they question the way you worship!

Those parental advisories are probably a good thing... it helps the kids quickly identify which shows are going to be the best. :p

I think we need a death metal band that bases all its lyrics on the bible, maybe using some direct quotes and then lyrics expounding upon the same themes. So for example, they'd have songs to promote slavery, stoning kids to death, raping and pillaging through enemy territories, hunting down men to chop off their penises and collect their foreskins, hating amputees and other cripples, etc. You know - a group of good Christian boys and girls spreading the Word. Bill them as a Christian band, project slides of the relevant verses behind them as they play, etc. Good clean fun.
have you ever listend to Deicide? lol hahahaha ! by the way something funny happend to day i waslked into a club today to check out the stage and sound system .. and tehre was a bible... on the floor .. where it belonged .. hehehe i just thought that was funny ..
some would say .. just put it back in the fiction section... but yeah if you dont mind id like to copy and past what you said to a few of my friends, they would just die laughing!
Hi Angel!

It's the South, and the fundies have been hard at work for 30 years now so this doesn't surprise me. Censorship of metal music is what motivated me into activism back in the 80s; it's the reason I know as much about Evangelicals and the right wing movement as I do. For me it all started here... And here I am today, Bloodied But Unbowed. Hope I'm doing my forebears proud ;)

Good luck with your project - we need every voice exposing the foul deeds and superstitious nonsense that we can get.
Thank you!
ahh.... now there going to be taking over chattanooga riverbend 2010 .. WTF ..GOOGLE SEARCH RIVERBEND 2010 ....


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