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Recently I was asked to join the metal music community in north Georgia , I couldn’t be happier to once again use my skills and contacts and experience booking shows and promoting bands. I found a few bands that I really enjoy and when I saw some of their fliers I was a bit confused .. A parental advisory on a flyer? I asked why and I was told because they do a demonic chant in one of their songs .. I was looking forward to seeing this, but the venue had told them they would not be allowed to do this .. Another band I found has a prop of an inverted cross . And they have been told they can not use this prop and have also suffered pay cuts from many venues because they didn’t like the props they use . Another venue I saw books bands from the death metal genre and then again tells them they can not sing certain lyrics or have certain props and again are not paid yet this Christian venue collected $20 form all 700+ people who showed up and paid to get in and see these bands .. What the hell rite? So ive had enough and decided that the religius people in this part of the world are ass fuckin backwards and ive decided to fight back with a project of my own exposing such behaviors. But I never in my 10 years experience booking bands have ever seen such censorship by the religious community, If I had some of my bands from California get on stage in the south I would surely be arrested .. Or even burned at the stake. So the longer ive been exposed to these “followers of Christ” the more I see how ridiculous it is . I was under the impression that the basics of religion was to be nice to people and not judge .. I guess I was wrong .. Id like to see these religious fanatics out here to point their moral compass at them selves and tell there preachers to stop molesting little boys, tell their husbands to stop getting drunk and beating their wives then walking in a church like every thing is ok. .. I can rant all day about this, but maybe if just a few of you read this you can giggle out loud at the newbie to the atheist club . =)

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I very much agree with Nelson on this one. Also, the "Georgiastan" made me giggle.

Rock Spring is up in them hills, ain't it? :O)

Letting club owners know what they're getting into before a booking is solid would prepare them for what they are about to receive and make them more likely to actually cough up some money in the aftermath.

But, really, money talks. If 700+ people are showing up to see your bands, you should really think about finding your own venue and maybe having a boycott/fund raising event to acquire one.

Your event could accomplish a few things: it could be a very active and loud boycott of those judgmental "Christian" venues who'd rather point fingers while pocketing the money they gave their word to pay your musicians, it would give your bands a place to play unrestrained, and it could help raise funds for your own venue.

In the long run, if you were successful, it would take all the money AND metal out of their establishments and bring it to yours. Then, you could have all the inverted crosses and Gwar-worthy props you wanted and none could raise a hand in opposition. And you could raise your fingers. The middle ones.
wow! thanks for reading my rant! The thing is every booking agent / club , as a rule of thumb wont book a band without at least looking at a press kit or their myspace, plus industry standard for a agent is 10% of the door, yet some how some way they keep finding ways to cheat bands .. religious or otherwise but thats a different topic for a different forum .. So, im guessing when these clubs like the 7 venue looks into bands to book, they see the huge fan base that follows and books them for that reason and then they play the "bible card" when it comes time to pay the artists and the ones who they decide are of a "blasphemous" nature dont get paid even tho they brought the fans ,,and headlined.. any way .. my crew and i are intending to not only rock the boat on this subject but tip it over and hold heads under water with our project.. that was a bit of an ovestatment .. we are not going to do the norwegian black metal thing and go out and burn a church.. but we are going to film a documenatry on metal in the bible belt and the issues mentioned ,, and if any one understands you guys do! thanks alot!! =) I finaly feel welcomed in the south!!
Hi AngelGrave. Love the rant. And METAL RULES!!!
heheh hi , im done ranting .. for now o.0.. lol
Your last coments are so true. Sounds like myself, how many times have I pointed out to my religious friends about morality. My pet speech is about preachers who are molesting little boys, etc.
Thank goodness, another ranter.
When they can prove the bible as true and without falibility then let them preach and tell me what to do and how to hate my fellow man. I never will. Ijust Think for Myself with logic and reason.
Not only Jesus was crucified on the cross, many good people were lets have their names please and let us remember them.
Rant part 2!
My family has had a lot of disrimination since we moved to the south , my daughter was sent to the principals office at school becasue she ha told another child that her family were athiets.. and my husband gets ridiculed by his own boss( who is a preacher) becasue he does not attend the chappel at work .. ( which i thought was illegal at the work place) and God forbid ..i were a God forbid tee shirt to wall mart ( metal band called God forbid).Ive come to the point where i no longer care what my neighbors think of me, there was a time when i tried to make my family fit in by not wearing certain clothes or telling my daughters to not dye their hair weird colors but that just made us all missarable. We are who we are ,and we all have the right to to be who we are. They say our peircings and are tee shirts are offensive ,, well they never stopped to think that maybe their preaching and bibles are offensive to others.. Id like to say my family, my kids are probably the best people i know , my oldest daughter is off to college in teh spring , my youngest (age 14) has straight A's and is already doing prep corses for college, and my son is a talented musician, and im the first person to feed a hungry person in need. But i wont go to church .. lol rant done .. f or now =)
Religious discrimination at work is indeed illegal, it's proving it that's difficult.

*throws horns* They can't kill the Metal.
proving it would be easy because most the whole plant attends it .. i just think its wrong to critisize my husband when he chooses to take a nap instead of pray !
First, I am not a lawyer, so take my advice with the requisite pile of salt. :)

If your husband can find a co-worker who has witnessed his being ridiculed (and is willing to confirm it), you may be able to bring a case. Of course, his boss may fire him in the meantime. Not for his religion or the suit, of course. For some other invented reason. With Georgia being an at-will state, this is all too common and often hard to prove what the real reason was.
i thought about doing that but not untill next year , yes it does anger me but im going to waite it out .. like i said the production company i work with is doing a dvd documentary about the censorship in the music scene in the south .. and this being a small town i cant waite to see what harrasment they give him for being married to the girl who dared to speak out agaisnt them.. so haha .. im looking foward to this .. lol
im sure ill get a pitch fork mob out side my home .... * giggles*
Be sure that the hose is hooked up for dowsing their torches. :)
Lmao, why are Christian venues even booking death metal bands in the first place? So they have no problem making money off of the image and music of the band as long as the controversial parts aren't exhibited in their establishment? And what about a band whose name itself is controversial; must they go nameless?

And I totally understand wearing the "God Forbid" shirt to the local mall; I hung a pentagram pendant from my rearviewmirror just for effect. (I know that it is petty, but I had to do something to make my blood pressure go down every time I get cut off in traffic by a giant SUV plastered in Jesus-fishes.) I figure if I am going to hell as all these Christians are so eager to let me know, I may as well play the part.


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