I had an idea...I think it's a brilliant idea but I want to see what you fine people think.

I was thinking of planning a reunion for the members of TA, in "real life." I'm not talking about some atheist event with speakers or an "agenda," I have in mind to throw a party, but a party with "class." I'm very good at putting on events and I was thinking more like a meet up some time next year (2014), some time before school starts for the kids but not around any holidays, possibly next August. 

I thought it would be fun to have a relaxed atmosphere over a single weekend, (Friday, Saturday, Sunday sort of thing). Not a crazy frat house party but more like a beach house getaway vacation, somewhere that we can go swimming in the ocean and beach volleyball, sip margaritas and bring the family, kids, significant others welcome...a true reunion just to kick it and have fun!

I was thinking something like this should be planned starting now. I would want to make it low cost, simple, and just plain good fun. 

What do you think? Would you like to meet the faces behind the avatars?

I had the destination of Charleston SC in mind, simply because I have connections there that could provide an amazing setting, but I'm open to feedback. I thought SC also so those from Europe don't have to come as far, although I'm aware that there are TA members world wide so it's going to be harder some more than others, but the destination doesn't matter too much at this point. I'm just wondering if you all would be interested?

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Thanks! More than anything I just wanted to get an idea if people would be interested. I think it would be awesome. A little hard to plan logistically but hey, it COULD work and I think it would be a blast!

I could do London or the USA. My avatar is “Science doG”. If there are fundamentalists around I should be kept on a leash at all times. For someone without a master I am well behaved !!

Uh-oh, we better pick a more secular environment. Perhaps London would be a bit better. I'm afraid if we put the setting somewhere with too many theists we'll run out of dog treats. Everything has gone up in price lately!

Reg, are you likely to be anywhere near us in London next weekend?

I could go along with something like this.  (Heck I've already discussed it with a few people in chat.)

However, we might need a rule:  no posting photos of avatared users on line.  Many are hiding behind their avatars for good reasons; and in no case should one gratuitously "out" someone.

Of course! think of it like a "family reunion." Just good ol' clean fun. No reason to get childish and do something to hurt another person. The point is to just get to meet some of the people we talk to often. 

I know of other online groups who have done similar things and it has been a raging success. I think it could be for us too.

I agree; I've seen it happen.  And a shit tonne of pictures get posted too.  Gotta make it clear from the outset NO posting a pic of someone without their permission.

Count me in - as long as I get a couple of weeks warning, I should be good to go :)

Yaay Strega!

I'm very much in! I would love to see all of your lovely faces in real life.

Awesome Caitlyn! We can do this!!!

I should say though that I am my avatar so everyone is going to be disappointed. No big reveal for me.


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